Major League Baseball Pants

I’m troubled by a trend in major league Ball. No, it’s not the inflated salaries. No, it’s not the income disparity between small and large-market teams. No, it’s not Bud Selig and his contraction plan.

It’s those baggy pants. I don’t like them.

Personally, if I had my druthers, all major league ballplayers would wear knee-length pants. El Duque, Soriano–those guys look like ball players ought to look. But I can handle the full-length pants. They’re okay when they fit properly. See Exhibit A: Derek Jeter.

But some guys are wearing them so darn baggy these days. The crotch is practically down at the knees and the cuffs flap around. A guy just doesn’t look fast when his pants are flapping around. I always wonder–“would you have made it to the base if you weren’t creating so much wind drag with your pants?”

Now, it’s not so bad with regard to the Yankees. Their notorious uniform conservatism keeps bagginess to a minimum. (Although someone should say something to Rondell White.) But some of these guys on other teams? Flappity flap flap flap!

So what do you all think? Do you like the baggy long pants? What pants do you prefer? Do you think they all should go back to baggy knickers a’la Joe Dimaggio?

[sub]p.s. For those of you contemplating making snide comments about female baseball fans–spare us, please. We did that to death here on the boards last year.[/sub]

No snide comments about female baseball fans from the Ol’ Dave-Guy, rest assured. I’ve already turned Sakura into a fan, and I’ve reached a truce with Mrs. Dave-Guy. She’ll never be a fan, but she knows it ranks in importance for me somewhere around food, clothing, shelter, and air.

I don’t know if baggy pants are a plus, except for comfort. I don’t know how much wind drag they produce, but an athlete simply can’t afford to feel that his movements are restricted by his/her clothing. This is, obviously, subjective. IIRC, some pitchers prefer larger uniforms, especially jerseys, to give them more freedom of movement when delivering the ball.

I kind of prefer the pants ending just below the knee, a la the old-time uniforms (but not as baggy as the old wool ones), with the stirrups proudly displayed. If they go all the way down to the shoe tops, it almost looks like the guys are wearing Dr. Denton 'jammies.

I agree with y’all, I like the socks/stirrups displayed, and the pants trim. It just looks much more…right. The pants ARE somewhat stretchy, so movement isn’t THAT restricted.

You want baggy? How 'bout the appropriately named Jeff Bagwell?

Well, I can’t speak to the baggy/snug fitting controversy, I never really had much choice. Snug doubleknit polyester feeling uniform pants were de riguer while I was playing as a kid. But as far as the knee or ankle-length uniform pants, I’m squarely in the ankle-length camp. Socks are NOT sufficient padding for shit pads when you’re a catcher. Give me a nice thick layer of fabric between that damn nylon and my skin. Crouching down for nine innings is bad enough, without having the back of my rubbed raw from all the movement.

Must be a senior’s league.

I’m into properly fitting ball pants. No bagginess necessary here.

Of course, I’m one of the chicks that oggles the players when she goes to the game.
And your Exhibit A was a DAMN good one. Jeter. Yum.

I truly do love baseball, as it’s one of the few games I’ve played and understand. But shoot, it’s a hell of a perk to get to see fit guys in snug pants.