"Major League" on VH1. WTF is going on with this channel?

I just turned on VH1 and they are showing Major League. The baseball movie! Can someone explain what is going on here? Are we gonna start seeing music videos on CSPAN next? I have seen Godfather and some other movies I can’t think of right now on this channel.

Who does the programming for this channel? Why don’t they play music videos? WTF is going on?

I can’t guess why VH1 would show The Godfather, but my guess for Major League is that they showed it because it starred Madonna (in one of the very few movies she’s made that doesn’t suck hard). My guess as to why they are showing movies and not music videos is that it’s cheaper to buy the rights to show a 2-hr movie than it is to buy the rights to show two hours worth of music videos.

I dunno what Major League you saw, but this one does not have Madonna in it. It’s the baseball movie with Charlie Sheen.

Madonna was in another baseball movie, A League of Their Own, and in I agree, it didn’t suck hard.

Ooops! Now I am feeling quite sheepish, no?

Well, they do that slapping-stamping-leg-crossing thing in the dugout and that’s kinda like music, right? Right?

Don’t feel so bad. I put an “in” in my post where none belonged. I liked Geena Davis as a redhead in A League of Their Own… rworrr!!

I agree with the OP, by the way. Major League does not belong on VH-1. Instead, they should play quality films like Cool as Ice.

“Drop that zero and get with the hero!”

They’re doing it because the “suits” at MTV and VH-1 are stupid. They’re unhappy that folks only watch their networks part of the time, so they’ve decided that in order to increase viewship (and ad revnues) that they’ll branch out into other areas and begin becoming more “mainstream” in an effort to attract audience members who don’t normally watch music videos. Nevermind that the target demographic of advertisers (males 18-34 or so) have spent most of their lives watching music videos, and that the reason they’ve quit watching MTV and VH-1 is because they’ve quit showing music videos!!!

What MTV and VH-1 should have done is sprouted more channels. Had one aimed at rappers, another aimed at metal heads, one for the alternative crowd, etc., etc. But that’s too easy for 'em.

FNRFR, you think you’re funny, but you’re not.

MTV does have several channels, usually only available on satellite or digital cable. They have MTV, MTV2, Latino MTV, MTV Jams, and they used to or may still have MTV Rock. VH1 has VH1, VH1 Classic, VH1 Country… possbily others.

TV Guide gave VH-1 a Jeer.

I certainly hope they took “Music First” off of their logo-cause they certainly aren’t.

They’d have to take “Music First” off of their logo. “Music Twenty-Second” doesn’t have the same ring to it :slight_smile:

Isn’t it obvious? The main character is nicknamed “WILD THING” and they play the song “WILD THING” by the Troggs. Therefore it makes it a movie aimed at baby boomers, the (at one time) VH1 target audiance. Oh, and for anyone else interested, there’s a little side story about baseball.

(Best line from this movie: Randy Quaid’s “Wild thing – you make my butt sting!!!” Although it might’ve been from the second one.)

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were a Vanilla Ice fan.

You’re evil, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Except that they’re using X’s cover of that song, not the version by The Troggs.

'Cause of course X is huge with VH1’s usual demographic…