Major League Soccer, 2014 season

All right, let’s see if there’s any traction for this. Anybody here follow MLS, as your humble servant does?

To me this is shaping up as an interesting season. MLS has clearly hit an inflection point, with clubs like Toronto and Seattle ponying up some big showbiz dollars for name players. Plus MLS has a new and bigger TV deal, and expansion clubs are sprouting like toadstools after a rain.

Meanwhile, there are clubs like the Revolution – my club – that are making do pretty much with draft picks and a few players cast off by other MLS teams. It’ll be interesting to see whether this value-driven approach can compete against the Torontos and Seattles and Los Angeleses of this world. Personally, I think the Revolution will hold their own. They should hang about the middle of the table, and may squeak into the playoffs – a reprise of last year, really. But I’m excited to see what these young guys – Bunbury, Fagundez, Farrell, Rowe, Caldwell, and now Mullins and Neumann – can do this year.

First Kick in five days.