Major publications with articles about Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright

So a refrain I am hearing lately is this idea that the ‘Obama-Media Complex’ is not addressing his skeletons. It is completely ignoring that Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers continue to be big news.

So what I am asking for here is a clearing house of MSM articles on these two. Let’s try and fill this thread with at least 100 unique hits so that we can simply C&P them for anyone trying to pass on this lie.

I’ll start:

Given that this is inherently political, I don’t think it is appropriate for GQ.

It’s not asking for either a debate or opinions, either, so it would seem GD and IMHO aren’t a good fit either.

For now I’m going to send it to MPSIMS. The moderators there can decide if it might be better somewhere else.

General Questions Moderator

I like the sentiment, but it’s not going to do any good. Even though the article states that the connection between Ayers and Obama is flimsy at best, it was good enough for Palin to use as a basis for her attack last Friday.

The truth, it means nothing.