Major roads discussion

Many thread have discussed stupid behaviour on interstates / highways / motorways / authbahns etc.

I’m wondering what really is ‘common sense’ for a major road. Some such roads have no speed limits, some have stop signs at the end of slip-roads. I’d like to present this as an area to argue to case for a particular speed limit, or for restrictions on large vehicles, or whatever you like. If you want to complain about local driving practices, that’s fine (but if it’s about the idiot who cut you up, maybe the pit is better).

For example, is it better to have overtaking specifically on one side only, or on both? What do you do when you’re drivign ‘fast enough’ and someone is flashing their lights in your mirror?

You get the idea :slight_smile:

Well, my idea of common sense is to know the traffic laws and follow them as far as humanly possible. One hopes that the provisions of the vehicle code were written for reasons. One also assumes if everyone is following the same rules, drivers will synchronize better.

If someone is tailgating me and flashing lights at me, I will pull over (if possible) and let him pass, because he’s either crazy and I want him away from me, or he has an emergency and I don’t want to mess him up.

I loathe the speed limit set-up in the UK. It’s a one-size fits all and causes much annoyance.

I’d like to see us have a multi-tier speed limit system. On residential roads - those with dwellings on either side, the speed limit should be 20 or 30, beyond which you get fined; on motorways the speed limit should be removed or set at a very high mark, but there should be a variable speed limit - much like the M25 between the M40 and the M3, so if the local conditions warrant, the limit can be reduced to 70 or below. And where there are speed limits, they should be clearly marked.