As I’m sure everybody now knows, we’re having some serious problems here.
The technical word for it is “screwed.”

General Questions is totally non functioning. The other forums seem to be all right – so far – but I’m not making any promises.

As our techs work to get things happening, we ask for your patience.

We’re trying to get things back to normal – or what passes for normal around here – soonest.


your humble TubaDiva/SDStaffDiv
for the Straight Dope

Actually, Tuba, The GQ forum does work in a sort of way. It seems that only the threads are gone from the page.

I just opened a new post under the title “GQ TEST”, and it accepted the OP. Then I performed a search of my last posts, and… there it was! I clicked on it and it took me to the thread immediately.

Maybe you can check this out, and inform “the techies”. Might help them to “troubleshoot” this mess.

Thanks, I’ll pass this on.

Know that we cannot promise that anything you post there will be there when the problem is fixed; anything can (and probably will) happen. Post at your own risk.

your humble TubaDiva/SDStaffDiv
for the Straight Dope

No problem. But thanks for warning me. Anyways, I was just discriminating possible problems, to help you guys find a solution.