Majormd related pointless stuff...

From a different thread, Melin writes:

Does a Major Doctor have to take orders from a General Practitioner?

If he’s in Private Practice, he does.

Unless the order is Petty, in which case obedience is not Warranted.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

In a effort to move this thread to a more suitable forum, I offer this:

Douglips, you sanctimonious prig.

Who gave you the gonads to ask a question of someone as lofty as melin. To “pick apart” a truly inspired post – one which others have read and shied away from for fear of post-post posts which would have subjected them to ridicule.

Instead, you create another thread. I for one shan’t stand, sit, kneel or prosrtate myself for it!!!

A kick in the balls to you, sir! And an elbow to the larynx.
You are truly dried smegmatic discharge regurgitated from an misbegotten bastard troll.

Oh yeah? Well at least I get to go home to my wife every night. Have fun in the Atlantic!

Does that help?

::gazes blankly at screen, trying to decide whether she has been insulted or complimented, shrugs and pulls out the bottle of Glenlivet, passes it around::

“Merry Christmas!”


I was just trying to be funny. It was that felching son of a Jarhead’s bleeding anal carbunkle that brought this thread to the level of inhuman insults.

A thousand pox on the swabbie! May his XO request he bend over to adjust the radar screen.

Glenlivet?!?!? Melin, I love you!

::takes some, passes it back::

“Jesus Mary Joseph…you’re a biker chick!” - co-worker, upon hearing of my tattoo.

::Glancing around GBS as she sits naked in my lap::

In the Atlantic??

Only bubbleheads have fun in the Atlantic (and in their dreams{and in their boyfriends sorry squirrel!!}!)!

I prefer to have fun in my girlfriend!!

::hitting the g-spot he murmurs, “That’s why we don’t cycle or climb anymore, hon.”::

GBS – ::**HMM[/b}MMMmmm…___!!!

And if I hadn’t gotten off just now, I would have used a ‘closed bracket’ instead of a '“shift” closed bracket!!!

GBS – HMMmmmmmmmmm…___!!! (again and again)!!

Oh sure, you break out the good scotch when it’s virtual.

Enjoy your shore leave, Chief!

Melin - you think YOU’RE confused???

I’ll see your Glenlivet & raise you a bottle Laphroaig, though… :wink:

Sue from El Paso

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

::looks around carefully, making sure nobody else is watching::

::takes bottle of Slivovitz out from under coat::

I’ll meet your Laphroaig, and raise a glass of this! ::pours::

Ah! ::looks around at Falcon, Sue, Doug, Manny, the Chief, and others:: Now don’t go telling anybody else this stuff is here!


Ah ha! Turn my back for a moment on the Guy Stuff thread where there is only cheep beer and what do I find?!

Oh, we’re finally breaking out the good stuff! Would anyone care for a Glen Morangie ?

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Hmph. I’m an “other.” Where’s that Clique thread?

Rysdad wrote:

I’m going to have to sick Corporal Punishment on you for that one.

The truth, as always, is more complicated than that.

Chief, you really need to get some help for that stutter. Does Sue see CPOs?

Melin, I’ll trade you a swig of your slivovica for a sip of this vile unicum…
(glug glug glug)
Much better. Is it noon yet?

Oooo, Manny . . . .