Make Hair grow faster

Is there any way to make the hair on your head grow faster than it already does?;j

Rogaine? Or is that just for people with hairloss, instead of those wanting quicker regrowth of hair?

I think that is to hang onto the hair that you are about to lose.

A wig.

According to Hair News Magazine, you can’t, despite claims to the contrary.

Pull on it. I’m not kidding. It won’t grow a lot faster though. Maybe 7 inches a year instead of 6.

Ciada: Pulling on your hair is more likely to pull it out than to make it grow faster.

But if you think you can prove your assertion, do a study. Shouldn’t be hard, assuming you can convince enough people to let you pull on their hair.

I don’t see how. It’s not like extruding something. The follicles produce hair proteins and stick them onto the bottom of a growing hair shaft, gradually pushing it outwards. Pulling on the hair isn’t going to cause the follicles to produce hair protein any faster.

All right. Some years ago I interviewed a lady whose circus act was to hang by her hair. (She eventually learned some other things, like riding elephants, but that was her original act.) I had lots of questions like, doesn’t this hurt? Etc. In the course of the interview she mentioned that after she started doing this on a regular basis her hair grew not only faster, but thicker. That bit didn’t make it into the story so I have no cite.

But I asked my hairdresser if this could possibly be true. He said yes, absolutely, because pulling on the hair stimulates the scalp to produce MORE protein. He also said pulling on the hair–not, of course, to the point of actually pulling it OUT–reduces tension and can prevent headaches.

Okay, these are not the opinions of PhDs. And a study would be very slow, because first you’d have to track how fast the hair grows without pulling, then how fast it grows with pulling. I’m willing to try this with my own hair, though. (Well, I’m not gonna hang by it or anything.) I’ll report back in six months. Okay?

You do that.