How can I accelerate my hair's growth?

My hair is possibly the slowest-growing of anyone I have ever met. Last year I had a buzz-cut in August, and by April of this year my hair had grown about the length of Tobey Maguire in this picture here. (I have been said by some to look like him, actually.)

What the hell?

I have friends who will get their heads shaved and in two months will have hair the length of which would take me a year to grow.

I want to grow my hair even longer, but it stubbornly refuses to. Are there vitamins I could take? Particular fruits or vegetables I should eat? Special shampoos and conditioners for people like me? What should I do?

You look like Tobey Maguire??

How you doing??

Perhaps you’re lacking in certain vitamins and minerals which “feeds” the hair follicles. I know some people who take hair vitamins (which can be found in any health food store, or probably even at WalMart and the like) who swear that it has made their hair grow faster and stronger. It’s also supposed to do the same thing for fingernails.

I don’t know the science behind it-- all I have is antecdotal testimony, but it stands to reason that hair growth might slow is certain nutrients are sparse in your diet.