What Makes Hair And Nails Grow Faster?

I’m not talking about the Sally Hansen crap to polish onto your nails. I don’t believe that you can superficially increase growth. You might be able to prevent breakage that way, but not increase growth.

I’ve gone through a long lapse of having acrylic nails on. My intention was to let them grow out, and maintain them accordingly. Not so fast, my Cheeky Monkey. Half-way grown out, they end up breaking off. Not so much break, but peel. Along with the thinned out filed out nail beneath them. Houston, we have a problem. It looks like I bite my nails to the quick. In a month, I’ll put on new ones. No choice ~ I’ll be meeting my fiancé’s parents for the first time and my nails just won’t do. So I’m looking for some kind of nutrient that encourages growth. If for any reason, to apply the fake nails to healthier nails.

If I remember correctly, there is something for this that encourages hair growth. Could it be gellatin?

What can I do? Aside from applicable products?

Short of getting pregnant, there is nothing you can do to make your hair or nails grow faster. You can only protect the new growth of both to lessen set backs.

Cheeky, my friend :wink: you can take pre-natal vitamins and that will work (without having to do the “getting pregnant” part - lol! oy!)! Anyway…if you ask someone at your local health food store, they’re usually pretty knowledgeable. (I won’t tell you to ask your doctor, knowing the issues you’ve had with the procedure “up there”! lol!)!

Good luck w/the in-laws! They’ll love you!!


Gelatin is made of the same basic “stuff” as hair and nails (it is a protein similar to keratin) and so it might strengthen your nails. If they are peeling, it sounds like they might be too weak. Also, the keratin gets its strength from cross-links between sulfur atoms of cysteine molecules; IANAD but your diet may be lacking sufficient cysteine.

Both of these are anecdotal, but someone might be able to support/refute them.

Once, back when I was a starving grad student, I took a temporary job that required a lot of typin. My nails have never been better than they were after a month or so on that job. So you might take up typing, or piano, or drumming your fingers in a totally maddening way. The secret seems to be the repetitive striking of the nail tip–it seemed to strengthen the nails sort of in the way weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones.

Another observation I had was that my hair and nails both improved when I went on the South Beach Diet. My theory is that the oils, fish, nuts, and dairy on that diet were helpful.

And buy some dishwashing gloves, if you don’t have them already.