Make it happen, Cap'n!

A local commercial has a voiceover saying ‘Make it happen, Captain!’ This sounds off to me. I think Captain should be pronounced Cap’n in order to match happen.

Do you prefer ‘Make it happen, Cap’n!’, which more closely rhymes; or ‘Make it happen, Captain!’, which properly pronounces the title?

Smoke me a kipper, Skipper; I’ll be back to check the poll.

I will give my permission for you to use the rhyming version of my name, do not abuse it


Where’s the “Pedant” option? :wink:

‘Make it happen, Pedant!’

Nope. Doesn’t rhyme.



I’ll wait and vote against the majority view.

Damn. I thought this was going to be about a new flavor of Cap’n Crunch cereals.


Well, the way I say it, I’d probably spell it Cap’n, but it really doesn’t rhyme. It’s the ca of cat, followed by a glottal stop while my lips close to make an M, not an N. I guess I could say happen the same way, but I wonder if it would be recognizable.

It’s your pick, slick.

Whatever you say, Johnny L.A.

It’s really all up to you, foo.

But if you say it in a Cockney accent …

Make it happen, guv’nor?

Let 'er rip, Skip!