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Hi - I’m trying to figure out a believable way to make my female character sleep for a few hours and be somewhat fuzzy on the details for a while afterwards, but NOT be knocked out or have amnesia. I thought I could just make her really sensitive to alcohol or have an alcohol allergy, but I’ve checked the symptoms and it doesn’t look right. I don’t want her to be sick, just tired enough to sleep and be moved somewhere else without her knowledge.
Plus the male character giving her the alcohol is going to look like a complete jerk for giving her alcohol when he knows she’s supposed to be allergic, and I’d rather he doesn’t look like a complete jerk, just a bit cavalier about the situation. He doesn’t want her to be sick, he just wants to move her to somewhere he wants her to be and doesn’t want to drug her. :slight_smile:
This is just a very small part of my story, so I don’t need anything too elaborate, just believable. And this subject is understandably difficult to research. :slight_smile:

So the male character can’t deliberately cause her to lose consciousness?

She just has to mysteriously, by herself, fall into a deep sleep – deep enough that she can be moved and not awaken?

What’s the setup? Is it supposed to be a romantic context, a dangerous one, anything…?

Gas displacement? Can they be in an underground cave where oxygen is displaced by something else? Or at a party where (say) liquid nitrogen used for fog causes her to pass out?

Can she simply faint?

Can she accidentally take some wrong pills after a few drinks?

Can they be giving blood?

So she’s been having trouble sleeping lately so she takes an Ambien. Then he can kidnap her or whatever.

I guess that wasn’t clear enough. The guy DOES want her to sleep, he just doesn’t want to endanger her life or safety while doing it. And the other things I mentioned, doesn’t want her completely knocked out or to lose her memory. And it is in a kind of romantic context. I say kind of, because the romance is all on his side, she has no clue at first. So I’m not trying to set up a date rape scene or anything like that.

Thanks, I’ll check out Ambien and see if that could work in this context. :slight_smile:

These are good suggestions. Thanks. It’s not exactly what I had in mind though. :slight_smile:


As in “I want this woman. I’m going to drug her and move her while she’s unconscious, and hopefully I won’t permanently damage her”? Maybe he doesn’t intend on raping her, but it sounds like you’re still looking for a date rape drug, no?

Or is she supposed to fall asleep on her own and not by his doing? The Ambien seems odd. “Oh, look, here’s a man plying me with some alcohol. Maybe I should take a sleeping pill while he’s here… tee hee.” What?

And sorry if that seemed snarky. I should be more specific with the questions:

  1. Can he CAUSE her to fall asleep? Or does she have to fall asleep through her own actions or environmental conditions that he did not cause?

  2. If he can cause her to fall asleep, can he drug her?

  3. If he can drug her, does it matter how? Food, drink, gas, etc.?

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