Make-up or no make-up. A KISS question?

My husband is just thrilled about the upcoming KISS concert. He is trying to get me to wear costume make up. He says he’s going to wear make up. I don’t want to wear make up. I don’t really want him to wear make up. I don’t want him to be one of those 30-something geeks getting interviewed on the news wearing his KISS make up. He says we’ll look out of place without it.

OK, so what’s your opinion? I should pretend like I’m 11 and wear the make up? I shouldn’t be bothered that he wear make up?

Heh heh.

Shouldn’t you be wearing some kind of groupie costume? Like, I dunno, (dredges up memories of 1970’s)-- a gold lame halter top and platforms or something? (Don’t forget the Farrah Fawcett hair.)

I was a huge KISS fan and KISS Army member back in high school [mumble mumble] years ago. Let’s just say they were in their original line-up.

I dragged mr. obfusciatrist with me, from the NorCal Bay Area all the way down to the Anaheim Arrowhead Pond coliseum this past March to see KISS in concert. Yes, KISS was going to be playing in the Oakland Coliseum just a short drive away from our house, but we weren’t going to be in town that day. So we actually went on a weekend trip to see KISS.

[what I’m saying is that I’m a big KISS fan for oh… 20+ years.]

Do NOT worry about wearing KISS make-up. The bulk of the people do not wear KISS make-up. If you want to feel in place, just wear a black (concert) T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Your hubby can go in make-up, you don’t have to. We saw a few couples like that, and interestingly enough, all the made-up people were the MEN, while the non-make-up folks were their women.

Don’t worry about your hubby wearing make-up, cher. He’s trying to re-live his adolescence. He might look foolish but he’ll have a blast doing it.

Why don’t you tell him that you can be his “manager, roadie, and photographer” by offering to carry his stuff (the extra make-up so he can retouch his face, etc.), keep an eye out for media people and take photos of him?

Sorry! My comments were directed at SoMoMom, not Cher3. :o

I’m not specifically trying to be the voice of cynicism here but . . .

The only way you should don the make up and go se KISS at all, is if you happen to have a time machine set to about 1978. These guys are in there late 50’s fer chrissakes. Retire! I’m begging you.
There was no one who loved KISS more, in their youth. But when I see Paul Stanley’s fat belly hangin’ out, and Ace Frehley’s wrinkly jowels, it just makes me sad.
They must have more money than God by now. Rest on your laurels, I say. You’ve earned it.

But Jack… they ARE retiring. They’re calling this the FINAL tour, aren’t they?

As for seeing their old bodies up there rockin’, well… just get nose-bleed seats! :smiley:

Number one - They should have retired years ago.

Number two - Right. I’ll believe it when I see it. How many FINAL tours have The Who and The Rolling Stones had?

God I feel like Hell shitting on the Gods of my youth, but I gotta call 'em like I see 'em.

Jack: I should add a detail that was neglected by Baglady. She was a fan back when they were really big, but living in Hawaii she had never had the chance to see them in person. So for her, seeing them on this tour was a chance to fill a hole from her childhood (how touching).

This was the first concert I had ever been to (reference my “Does anybody else dislike music” thread) and I have to say that regardless of their age, they put on a pretty good show.

Baglady was right, though. The makeup was mostly on the men, the costume of choice for lots of women seemed to be “neo-hooker.” But there were lots of people there dressed normally (and a few who apparently went from the office to the concert).

Personally, I’d let him wear makeup if he wants to and you not wear makeup if you don’t want to. But heck, it might be fun to get threaded out. You could pretend it’s Halloween.

Jack, my husband hasn’t seen KISS since jr. high and since this is their last tour wants me to see the pyrotechnics, mostly. (Did I spell that right?) I was too young to go when they came to St. Louis. Then there were all those years when they weren’t really KISS so who would bother seeing them then. This is my first chance to see them and I would probably have passed if it weren’t for dear hubby.

Just for the record we went to see Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Eddie Money in June and they ROCKED. I’m guessing that they must be nearly the same age. REO’s show wasn’t as long as it was 16 years ago when last I saw them, but they did have to leave some time for Styx to get on stage this time.

(I do think Ace looks funny in his jump suit with his pot belly, though. :wink: )

Oh, let him wear the make-up if it makes him happy. Hell, you only live once – and then you’re dead a long time.

You should wear it too. Go crazy.