Make your favorite show even better.

My wife and I like Chopped, but the parts after each round where the contestants go into a secluded room for some contrived reality show confrontation is insufferable. Take that air time and use it by letting the winner teach us how they made their dishes.

How would you make your favorite show even better?

Nudity. This is a general rule for all shows that don’t involve sharp implements or hot oil, like cooking shows (although the idea of a nekkid RR or Gina intrigues me).

Dammit, silenus! I was going to say nudity!

American Idol and America’s Got Talent:

Kill ALL back stories, ignore introducing judges, get rid of stupid on-stage hosts padding time and just have acts appear and perform more often. You would have double the entertainment and half the boring shtick.

Thanks to DVR, you can watch any of those hour long shows in less than 15 minutes - which means 45 minutes of each show is currently nothing more than time-killing crap.


Make it a half hour show.

Breaking bad
Walter punches his wife in her fucking face. Other than that the show is perfect.

I’ve been enjoying watcing Dexter on Netflix lately, and though its a good show, I kinda think the abandoned a lot of the edginess of the premise. In the beginning of Season 1, Dexter is a relatively emotionless sociopath, who kill because he has a deep need to torture and kill people he can’t deny, and the fact that he goes after murderers has more to do with his fathers concern that he not kill the innocent then his own desire for justice.

By the third season, he’s positively angsty, his killing is more often then not to protect the innocent or those close to him, his feelings and desires are basically the same as a normal person and while the first seasons killings suggested he tortured his victims to death, its later revealed he kills them quickly with a stab to the heart.

So instead of a show about a morally ambiguous serial killer, its a more generic show about a violent super-hero trying to maintain secret identity. Its still fun, but I think the original idea would’ve been a lot more interesting to watch. The Showtime writers obviously had problems making a show about an immoral hero.

The Daily Show.
All Jon Stewart and newsclips and interviews. No features from the correspondents.

30 Rock: Bring back the competition between Tracy and Jenna, and restore some of the streetwise bombast Tracy had in the first season.

I was gonna specify Billie Piper in this regard.

Nicola Bryant, too, way back with the 5th Doctor.

And never, ever interview another actor or comedian again.
The way to make the near-perfect Peep Show better would be to have more than 6 episodes per series. I do not like that I can watch the entire show’s run in one weekend :frowning:

Kill Thirteen.

Modern Family would have an ongoing storyline revolving around an R-rated intra-family affair between Claire and Gloria.
This Old House* would do away with the side stories where they tour local houses built in 1860 that depict the architectural features of the house that they’re renovating, that take up 10 minutes of the 22 minute episodes. Just get back to the renovations, thankyouverymuch.