Makeup brushes: what would you buy?

Doper wimmins, I’m interested in purchasing a set of travel makeup brushes to bring to work so I can finish applying makeup. I was looking on Ebay and found to my chagrin that these sets from top artists (Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, etc.) are very expensive, between $50.00-$100.00, easily. There’s one set from Australia that I’m lusting after, that has everything I want, and the price tag is abount $80.00 for twelve brushes. If any of you have checked out Ebay for makeup brushes, please let me know if that price is reasonable for the products purchased.

If you have any suggestions for good quality travel sized makeup brushes, let me know and I’ll investigate this problem. Thanks, medstar!

I recently bought two eyeshadow brushes online from e.l.f. - incredibly cheap price, but very soft, not prickly, and they cover just where I want.

ETA - I plan to buy a concealer and a blush brush from them, too.

Japonesque makes darn good brushes, and they cost less. I use art brushes for some makeup, better control. I have not found anything as soft and flooffy as the expensive foundation brushes at sephora

The Body Shop has excellent brushes for much more reasonable prices. I’ve used brushes from MAC, Bobbi Brown, and The Body Shop, and Body Shop brushes work fine for me.

I’ve always thought that if I had more money that I knew what to do with I’d get a Shu Uemura brush.

Sephora has a good collection of brushes at a wide range of prices. I just bought a kabuki brush from the Bare Escentuals line that I’m pretty happy with.

Seconding the recommendation on the Body Shop. Also, you don’t need a full set of brushes. For blusher, for instance, you want a proper brush, because the cheap one that you may find in the compact is useless. But for eye shadow, I find I get a lot better results with the sort of little squished-Q-tip thingies that used to come in the eyeshadow compacts - not disposable but cheap enough to replace when they start getting icky. Does H&M have cosmetics departments in the States? Because if so, they sell great squished-Q-tip thingies.

I’ve been *very * pleased with the Sonia Kashuk brushes at Target. They’re wonderfully soft, they hold color really well and apply it beautifully, they wash easily and without shedding, and they’re very reasonably priced.

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I’ll also (sort of) second what **flodnak ** said about eyeshadow brushes. You don’t need a ton of them, especially since 1. you want to wash those very frequently anyway, and 2, they’re really only necessary (IMO) for intense or highly perlized colors. For soft, matte colors, especially in pressed form, the foam applicators work just as well.

Seconded. I came into the thread to post this.

Not about brushes themselves - but a hint: I store my brushes upright in a new, clean toothbrush holder (the kind with the holes in the top). Keeps them orderly and from bumping up against each other.

:eek: Really? You must not blend multiple colors of shadow, right?

Personally, I loath those little sponges and toss them immediately. Either you pick up too little or too much color, there is little control, and you can’t blend.

I have one that looks like this from Estee Lauder and then like this but in two different sizes from that Target brand. I use the big one for blending and the small one for applying shimmer to the corners or liner.

I agree, they are great and VERY cheap.

Thirded (or fourthed, I’ve lost track). They get pretty good reviews over at Makeup Alley and the prices are very good. I’ve got a very fine Sephora eye liner brushes that the Target line didn’t carry but all my other brushes are Target.

Thanks for your suggestions, I hadn’t thought of using Sonia Kashuk’s brushes although I see them all the time at Target. I’ll have to pick some up.

When I was younger and didn’t do much color blending, I found that those sponges were fine. However, I now have a collection of fancy makeup brushes from MAC, Sephora (Sephora brand) and The Body Shop. The Body Shop makes good lipstick brushes, and my fine eyeliner and crease brush are Sephora brand. However, the rest of my brushes are from MAC:
one angled brow brush
two eyeshadow shading brushes
one blending brush
one “skunk” brush (great for light application, especially blushes)
I eventually want to replace my Bare Minerals kabuki brush with a high grade MAC equivalent, but it works well for now.

This brush set should be good for your needs if you’re looking for some basics. If you focus more on eyes or bronzer/blush/contouring, you can always get travel brushes that specialize in that.

My brushes are split between Sonia Kashuks and MAC’s. Love them both, love Sonia’s prices more. MAC isn’t cheap, but their brushes, mmmmmm. I have my specialty eye application ones from them. this one, for eye shadow as eyeliner. Nice precise line. And this one for their fluidline eye liner.

Just to add my voice to the Sonia chorus and mention that you should test a brush before you buy. I’ve gotten stuck with some pretty scratchy brushes.

I use artists brushes. They’re the same quality and much, much cheaper. I went to Michael’s and picked up 6 or 7 brushes for less than $30. They work fantastically and obviously didn’t break the bank. Some of them do have longer handles, but that doesn’t bother me. Just thought I’d add my thrifty 0.02.
Here is a makeup artist on Youtube comparing MAC brushes to art/paint brushes.

I have this from Costco.
It’s a fairly decent set. Much better than the price would suggest.

There are still a handful of brushes that I’ve yet to get, and hopefully some of them translate over to makeup brushes well. It should be useful for acquiring more blending and eye brushes, as I tend to have a lot of colors and a laziness when it comes to cleaning the brushes after use. However, I have my doubts that kabuki brushes that are soft would be useful for making art.