making an ice cream pie (cooking question)

Tomorrow is a belated celebration of my SO’s birthday. Being a great fan of experimenting in the kitchen (and cooking, too), I was thinking of trying something new. I’ve come up with a yummy ice cream concoction that involves vanilla ice cream with a couple of things stirred in – it seems a logical and simple step to take that and put it into a cookie crumb crust. My question is, what would happen if I stirred in some whipped cream too? Would it add a lighter, fluffier element to the finished product? I have looked at receipes for a number of ice cream cakes, most of which call for whipped cream on top, but never mixed in. Since I am already stirring up the ice cream and re-freezing it, would adding whipped cream leave me with a crust full of unappealing, soupy ice cream at seving time? Would it cause a strange texture? What if I stirred gently with a spoon, or whipped enegetically with a whisk? Or should I just stick with the (relative) safety of ice cream and forget about the whipped cream? I won’t have time to make a second one if the first is a failure, so I hoped someone else might have the wisdom to advise. Thoughts?

I’ve seen frozen chiffon pies, but they generally involved egg whites and whipped cream, not ice cream.

Whipped cream and pudding work really well. You end up with a mouse (a sort of light fluffy pudding). You can freeze that if you want. I don’t think whipped cream and ice cream work well mixed together.

As long as you are serving the thing really cold (near frozen, but not), I don’t see why you would have a problem.

The only thing I would wonder is if it would really add anything (other than calories :wink: )to your pie. I mean, would you even taste the whipped cream through the (rich) ice cream?

Hmmmmm… Kind of as I suspected, doesn’t sound too promising. (And I admit, I did wonder if whipped cream would really amount to anything in the mix.) Sounds like I will be best off going with straight ice cream.

Many thanks for the input.

(Sorry I can’t offer you a piece of pie!)