Making an offer on a house tomorrow in Portland

We found what we think is one of the best neighborhoods in Portland: Sellwood is in the Southeast section, has terrific restaurants, bakeries, parks and businesses, all in a small-town environment only minutes from downtown Portland. We stumbled onto a very nice renovated bungalow built in 1905 and are planning to submit an offer tomorrow. Multiple offers are common in this area, so wish us luck.

I now live in the Woodstock Neighborhood, but lived in Westmoreland/Sellwood for many years!

Congratulations! That is a wonderful neighborhood! I wish you luck!

Seriously? I thought you were still walking the earth, like Caine from Kung Fu.

Thanks. You two are my only friends, unlike the rest of the bastards on this board. :dubious:

Nope, we quit the diaspora a couple of weeks ago when it looked like the housing market here was showing signs of life: we didn’t want to get caught in a rising market.

BigOleMike: Have you been back there to try the a cena restaurant? I had a sweet corn agnolotti there that damn near gave me an orgasm. Followed up by seared sea scallops on a bed of corn risotto that was equally orgasmic.

Our offer was accepted and we will become Oregonians on the 19th. Not that there was any interest, but thought I’d close it out.

Congratulations! I, too, am in the midst of buying a house and it’s incredibly stressful. The sellers have been extremely uncooperative and refused to correct anything but the most minor of issues that arose from the inspection. Their thinking is that it’s an old house (built in 1750) and I should expect to have to do repairs. I put my foot down when the water test showed coliform bacteria in the well. In itself, it’s not harmful but can be a precursor to other nasties so I demanded they fix the problem. I’m set to close on Oct. 14 so fingers crossed!

I visited Portland last November and was struck by the city’s hipness. Everyone was just so darned cool.

And if you haven’t been already, make a point to stop at Kenny and Zukes. Outstanding pastrami.

Congratulations! So, no pictures of the new house??

I’ve only been to Portland the once, but really loved it. It’s a place I’d consider moving if I had to get out of LA, and I particularly liked some of the older neighborhoods. It’s nice to walk through an area where the houses aren’t cookie cutter copies of each other.

Wow! That sounds amazing! Congratulations.


We can take the shine off of that.

But the house is cool. Hardwood and granite, new electrical and plumbing, Hardi-Plank siding, new windows, beautiful kitchen with French doors leading out onto the balcony. And room in the driveway to park the motorhome.

Oh my, yes. I use their recipe when I cure my own pastrami.

I’m jealous!

I live in and love my state (and don’t want to name it here to avoid a ‘state bashing’), but have a soft spot for Portland.

Very nice. Portland is one of my favorite cities; kind of like a toy version of Seattle. I don’t know Sellword, but I did kayak around Hardtack Island, and enjoyed the residential architecture in Goose Hollow. Congratulations, and good luck.


Visited Portland once and found it very amenable and friendly. Mazel tov!

Congratulations, Chefguy.

You have fabulous taste, having chosen the city that welcomed my kid into the world. I have nothing but warm, sloshy, misty, maternal thoughts about Portland. Now make with the pictures.

Congratulations, neighbor!

Too bad the Sellwood bridge is F’d :slight_smile:

I once calculated that I’ve made over 8,000 trips over that thing.

You definitely are in a fantastic neighborhood, with so many great places within walking distance.

There is a plan in the works to rebuild it in (I think) 2012 and include space for a streetcar line. Funds have been appropriated.

Congratulations! We just bought a house too. It’s exhilarating, exhausting, and exsanguinating. :wink:
There goes freedom, here comes responsibility, but it’s exciting to know this is our damn house and we can do what we want when we want to it.

I love PDX, it’s a beautiful city and I prefer it to Seattle. We’ll be up there toward the end of the month for the Run Like Hell race. Congratulations again!

We still have the freedom, as we’re paying cash (mostly from the sale of our house in Anchorage).

By the way, here are a few interior photos.

Tht kitchen looks like you will be doing alot of fantabulous cooking in there!
I look forward to more pictures and thoroughly expected you to be roaming the earth in your RV until the end of time.