Making Cannabis Tincture (and a broader question for chemistry in general)

In this video, the host explains how to make cannabis tincture. He says to use 1.5 ounces (42.5 g) of coarsely ground cannabis flower to 1 pint (473 ml) of strong liquor. OK, but does that scale down? Can I use .75 ounces (21.25 g) and .5 pint (236 ml) of liquor? Or does the ratio of flower to alcohol scale differently?

Seems patently obvious to me that the ratio works regardless of how much or how little you’re using, but then again, I’ve learned in this life that things that seem patently obvious sometimes aren’t. And what I don’t know about chemistry (or botany or psycho-pharmacology) could fill multiple libraries.

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It should be a ratio of THC to ethanol with some possibly of the oils in the strong liquor absorbing some too.

It seems THC testing is having accuracy issues so there may be some guss and check here but that’s what if start with. So if you use 1 oz of everclear (190 proof) you would get different results than if you used vodka (80 proof) and I would expect different results if you used a 40 proof gin or lemoncello.

It’ll probably also make a difference what counts as “coarsely ground”. And if you scale down too far, you might not be able to get a coarse enough grind.

Yes. You can also make a “weaker” tincture, using less cannabis flower. What you don’t want to do is use an excessive amount of flower, as you’ll be wasting some. If you have a grow going, there’s no shame in dumping scrap into a bottle of vodka, not measuring anything.

Also, instead of “tincture”, I suggest using the old term “green dragon”.

Perfect thread for my question! Now that it’s all legal here in NJ, I want to try making my own tinctures and edibles.

The first step is to decarb the flower. There are plenty of websites etc about the correct temperature etc, but I’d like to know about how to prevent stinking up the whole apartment. Right now, my plan is to bring the toaster oven out to the porch, but I’m worried about annoying the neighbors.

Can the flower be wrapped in foil to limit the fumes? IOW, instead of simply laying it out on a cookie sheet, suppose I’d cover that cookie sheet tightly with a layer of aluminum foil. Would that be good fumes-wise? Would it be bad for the weed, perhaps by intensifying the heat, or by keeping moisture in?

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

I like to make “firecrackers”. Spreading peanut butter on a cracker, sprinkling on ground flower, then topping with another cracker with peanut-butter on it. Wrap in foil and into the toaster oven.

Another workaround involves coconut oil. Melt some in a pan, add cannabis, gently simmer…not too much odor.

Or…Purchase RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) from a dispensary. It is decarboxalated already and can be added to your food, but be very careful, it is potent af. One drop on a piece of bread and you are high as can be. Two drops and watch out!

I did write “tinctures and edibles”, but, to be honest, that was for the benefit of other DIY dopers. Personally, I’m thinking of giving up on edibles. They take so very long to have their effect, and my digestive system works particularly slowly. The professionally-made edibles that I’ve tried work very nicely, but I need 2-3 hours for it to kick in. That’s just not practical.

I’m simply not going to try smoking, because it isn’t worth the pain and lung damage. That leaves vaping (better than smoking, but not much) and tinctures. Skin oils would also be an option for the medical/CBD crowd, but I’m aiming for a legal high.

Don’t give up on vaping! A 500 mg or 1 gram cartridge screwed onto a 510 battery is a discreet way to “medicate” (get high). Specifically try Cresco’s LLR carts. At my friend’s bar I (and many others) will discreetly hit a pen kept in a shirt pocket, or duck into the men’s.

When cannabis became legal in my state, my wife wanted something to help her relax, and I had heard that CBD was good for that. So I went to a dispensary and asked for something that was high in CBD only, except he apparently didn’t hear the only part, and sold me some Rick Simpson Oil.

Squeezed about a 1/4" dab on a tortilla chip, one for her, one for me. Again, expecting just maybe a mild relaxation effect from the CBD only. About an hour later I was tripping. Like, high as a freakin’ kite. So listen to kayaker, y’all, when he says just a drop!

Strangely, she got no effect from it. She says because she’s a redhead, drugs affect her differently. It takes like 3 times the dose for her as for me to feel anything from THC.