making jerky

in a food dehydrator. Mine is a really basic model, one temperature apparently, 5 shelves, it was free and has no instructions.
2 questions

  1. is the temperature sufficient to kill salmonella etc already present in poultry, pork and pork?
  2. what are your favorite recipes and how long do you run it approximately?

ok maybe that was really 3 questions.

Unfrozen Cave Man Lawyer say pack in salt, wait till hungry strip off bad stuff and eat pink insides. :cool: :smiley:

it would be hard to measure inside temperature of 1/8 inch strips wouldn’t it?

Really, I think those automatic ones, you just press go and wait…

If you want red meats to come out red , infuse nitrogen to expel the oxygen…I hear.

I just read stuff on the net, I don’t know anything about it.