Making my 1st post an introduction & bio

I’ve read Cecil’s articles & the messageboard (when it works) for a while now and figured it was time I get into the thick of things around here. I’m still trying to figure out what goes on around here, but it seems like a fun place nonetheless so I’ll stick around.

Some info on me: Male, 24 yrs old, work as a Web Designer/Marketing Admin, live northeast of Philly, do all the usual guy things (watch sports, interested in cars, go to bars, etc). Current hoobies are shooting pool, racing my Mustang, bowling, suffering through the heat (it’s the humidity that kills ya), painting miniature figurines and keeping saltwater fish. Some other interests are juggling, playing guitar/bass, sciences (astronomy, physics, archaeology). My fav TV channels are History, Discovery and TLC. For music I listen to nearly everything (James Brown, Yes, Jethro Tull, Rammstien, Beethoven, and a few other eclectic choices).

At this point I’m just rambling on but I thought that for a 1st post it should at least have some depth instead of just a simple one-liner in a poll.

So to add something interesting, has anyone else ever tried building a 3-D model of a Serpinski’s Carpet?

Welcome, Frank part Deux. That’s a lovely first post. Im from the Philly area originally. We should have a drink or ten sometime.

Enjoy the boards … You’ll never be the same!!!


What 3d software do you use? Rubes uses Lightwave 7.5

Welcome, Frank. You sound like a real nice guy, and someone who could easily make it to a NYC-MegaFest. Hey, if DC-Dopers can swing it, you can. So I hope to be meeting you someday.

Stroll around, get a feel for the place, don’t act like a jerk, don’t troll, and don’t ask about driveways vs. parkways, or the infamous “gry” question.

Rubes, when I said 3-D, I meant an actual model, not a 3-D rendering. I started building it out of cubes of wood but I didn’t have perfect 90° angles so it didn’t turn out right. Sorry bout the confusion.

Dave, I do vaguely remember the 3 words ending in “gry” riddle, something about a play on words. The DopeFests are just a gathering of people hanging and doing whatever, right? NYC isn’t far for me so it’s a definite possibility.