Making my property hostile to dogs

Any recommendations or suggestions to keep dogs off my property?

I live in a nice neighborhood, but some of my neighbors have some odd sensibilities about were it’s appropriate for their dogs to relieve themselves, and where to leave the little poop bags (if they bother to bag at all). I’ve tried the obvious stuff (talking to them, going to social media).

I’d like to somehow make my property hostile to dogs, so they’ll just stay away. Not sure if the sonic repellents work, but that sort of thing.

Any suggestions?

Try some critter repellent. It’s sold in spray bottles in hardware stores to keep rats and other critters from getting into places you don’t want them. It’s pungent and I guess would not be attractive to dogs. However, you might want to try it someplace first to see if it really does bother the dogs. They might actually enjoy it for all I know.

Dogs have very sensitive noses, so I don’t know that you would need to douse your property with it. You can probably use less than you might think you need. It smells bad, so if you used a lot, you’d probably smell it all the time.

Cayenne pepper works too. I sprinkled it in an area where local dogs were relieving themselves & they stopped going there. It can wash away after a good rain, but thankfully I’m in drought territory. Dogs have very sensitive noses and good memories, so even after it wears off, they’ll avoid the area.

Motion detector sprinklers. :smiley:

You can try pissing (or dumping a container of piss) on your property boundaries. You can also get preditor piss such as lion which may work better.

Keep a running vacuum cleaner in the yard.
Sorry, I’m team dog. I’m forbidden to give a real answer.

Would that really work? That might make it the most interesting yard in town, from a dog point of view.

When my dog was still able to go hiking with me, if I took a leak, he’d immediately go right on top of my spot. Probably says something about our relationship.


Also, have you considered a fence?

Not really. I don’t want to close in my entire property. It would look terrible, plus I’ve got other things I need to spend my money on.

Our dogs hated something called “Tea Tree Oil” which came in a spray can from the pet store. We sprayed it around the litter boxes to keep one dog from snacking. She hated the stuff so much that eventually we didn’t even have to spray-- we just had to set the can next to the litter boxes.