Making of the Grand Canyon.

Science says it was cut by the Colorado River as the land lifted, which makes perfect sense to me. But my wierdo christian co-worker says that that’s not true, and not proven.
Well, I do remember (in the foggy depths of my mind) coming across alternate theories, some other than “god made it”.
Other than the story that somebody dropped a dime down a golpher hole, how else could it have been, ahem, created? I wili’d, and they stick to the erosion theory. Yeah, right. :wink:
BTW; The above comma signifies a contraction.

I heard that Christianity never existed before Nov 13, 1906. At that point the Devil created all the copies of the bible and planted false memories in peoples’ minds to make them think that Christianity existed all along. Can you ask your co-worker about that for me?

The Electric Universe and plasma cosmology people claim that the grand canyon is actually the scar from an enormous electrical discharge.

I’m sure there are websites that go into more detail than the above, but I have limited tolerance for looking at this sort of stuff.

I’m a Christian, and I believe that the Grand Canyon was created by erosion over millions of years. I believe that Darwin was right about evolution. And I believe that people who think that the world is only 6,000 years old because that’s what the bible says are really, really stupid.

I shall! With great pleasure.

I think I’ve heard a young Earth creationist theory that it was formed in Noah’s flood somehow.

Reminds me of a friend – a nuclear technician no less – that has gone Bible-literalist in the last couple of years.

Enough water at enough speed could have created the Grand Canyon during a relatively short great flood. Never mind the fact that it’d have to have been unnatural quantities of water and pressure, it really could be done if you stretch the imagination. It doesn’t explain the millions of years of strata, though. So let’s say the Great Flood did create the Grand Canyon, and this it was a 1,000,000 psi of water for 40 days which caused the canyon. What about the strata?

Believe it or not, that’s not so far off the mark. Many of western America’s canyons were carved out by sudden deluges which happened very recently in geological terms:

Lake Bonneville
Missoula Floods

>I’m a Christian, and I believe that the Grand Canyon was created by erosion […] Darwin was right about evolution […] people who think that the world is only 6,000 years old because that’s what the bible says are really, really stupid.

Is there, in your view, something specific, factual and testable that distinguishes the intellegence of people who believe the “6000 year old” element of Christian teaching from the larger group who believes any of the elements of Christian teaching?

The other theory is that it was an artificial tourist attraction created by a corrupt EPA director who domed a city and then bombed it.

The Grand Canyon is less than 200 years old. Paul Bunyon made it. There are historical accounts of this with witnesses, and it was put down in books.

::hushed tones:: It’s one of god’s mysteries, placed there to test our faith.

What about the strata?

It was deposited during the Flood, and the canyon carved through it as the Flood waters receded. Might have been easier to cut through before it dried even…

This is why creationists get laughed at:
The link is to a video titled “Why creationists get laughed at.” And it’s basically a guy pointing out the mistakes in a creationists’ allegations. The first one is the formation of the Grand Canyon. Check it out, although I don’t know how helpful it may be.

Here’s a kooky sidetrack—from Wiki:

What caused a billion years’ worth of sediment to just up and leave??

Yup, Paul was going to meet Jesus and go ride some dinosaurs when he got tired and let his axe fall off his shoulder and drag behind him.

It’s hotly disputed of course, but it’s been whispered for many years that Paul Bunyan was actually a much more talented dinosaur rider than Jesus.

No, no. The Grand Canyon was formed when Bill Brasky took a leak!

I did it. I just started this thread to distract attention in case someone was pissed off about the big ole hole.
Actually, I’m a minor god to the Pueblo People. They didn’t give me a nubile maiden as a wife though. Darn Hopis. Gimme my wife.
About the origin, my athiest buddy gets intestinal cramps when I ask him about the 6k year folks.

Oh. that guy. I’ve been out of touch for a while. Two tons, huh?

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