Making pre-made crab cakes in the Instant Pot (need answer fast)

I have some pre-made frozen crab cakes that I want to cook in the Instant Pot tonight, to go along with some stuffed mushrooms that I’ll make in the oven inside the big house. If I used the oven to make the crab cakes, there’s a good chance that someone who lives there might actually get sick, because he’s deathly allergic to seafood; even the smell of it can trigger his allergies.

I’ve looked up “how to make pre-made crab cakes in the Instant Pot” and all it’s giving me are recipes in how to make them from scratch. How do I cook pre-made, ready-to-cook crab cakes in the Instant Pot? Saute function?

If there’s such a high risk of someone getting sick, why are your making them or even have them? I’m assuming the allergic person isn’t going to be sitting at the dinner table.

Could you ask a neighbor or close by friend or family member to use their oven? If you’re taking it to someone’s house, could you go early and ask to use their oven?

Even if you cook it in the Instant Pot, the odor of them, as with all seafood will linger in the air for a good while.

I should clarify:

My mother and I live in a trailer, outside of the main house. We enjoy seafood. Stevie, the person who’s allergic, lives in another trailer outside the main house, but frequently comes into the house to enjoy the company of friends. If we cook the seafood in the Instant Pot in our trailer, Stevie won’t be exposed to the smell, because he never comes into our trailer.


I’ve always cooked them in a pan. I would think saute function, lid off. Use some oil.

Bumping this to say (and to remind myself) that I cooked pre-made crab cakes in the Instant Pot the other night. Let it come up to pressure and then quick-release immediately: 0 minute cooking time. I was smelling that it was done before it even came up to pressure.