Making .wav files in Windows XP

Here’s what I want to do…

I want to record the beginning of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb (hello hello hello…) and play it as my Windows opening sound. I need a .wav file.

In 3.1 and 95, I would just click ‘cd player’ as my audio recording source in the sound control panel, open up the nifty program ‘sound recorder’ and click record. I made all sorts of cool sounds this way for my startup and other sounds.

I don’t want to have to buy a microphone.

Any ideas?

I have ‘real one’, music match and windows media player. None of them have a function for converting to wav, that I’ve found, at least.


First you need to rip your CD to the computer. In music match, this should be easy to do.

After that, click on “File,” “Convert files.” Select the file in the left box, select the output format under the right box, and the output directory in the right box.

That should do it…

I tried something similar and it told me to connect to the internet and pay for premium service. Not happening.

I’ll try your suggestion, though. Thanks.

Two things:
Open Sound Recorder. Good job.
Open Volume Control.
Go to Options->Properties-> and under Adjust Volume for, Select Recording
Volume Control should now be Recording Control.
Under the Stereo Mix* volume bar, click the checkbox that says select.
Hit record on sound recorder, press play on your cd player program(eg. media player, whatever you’re using) and capture the portion of the song you want.

Good luck.

*If this does not work, you may have to select CD Audio. I’ve never done this with a cd before.

I thought ripped CD songs are already in wave format?

Anyway, the problem is he needs to edit the file since he just wants part of the song.

I (and I’m female, btw) figured it out. In MusicMatch there is a format change option for when you rip the song in the first place. You can’t do it afterwards unless you pay for premium service.

Changed it to high quality .wav and ripped away.

Sound Recorder lets you edit. I need to figure out how I used to fade in and out, but the recording part is done, the sounds are in place and Pink Floyd ushers me in and out of windows. Nice.

Thanks for your help.

(I tried the volume control thing, which is what I used to do with win 95, and it didn’t work because my cd player is not an audio device according to XP.)