Malcolm x was a greater intellect than Albert Einstein

**Einstein’s mind was only limited to science and physics, he had a limited brain
he did not have the capacity of the spiritual, emotional, sociological, humanities, communicative intelligence and knowledge that Malcolm x possessed

look at how elegant and clear and concise Malcolm X talks
and then look at how Einstein speaks

alot of stumbling, slow paced...etc. slower than Malcolm's speech

Do you have a video of Malcolm X speaking German?

Finally bringing your two huge obsessions together, eh, thanatic?

like i said

Einstein’s brain was limited to physics

he did not have the capacity of understanding of sociology, humanities, communicative ability that Malcolm X possessed

  1. Make your own arguments. Use words, not YouTube videos.

  2. I don’t see lany reason to elevate sociology and the humanities over physics. Or, for that matter the other way around. Both have their uses. But you won’t find satellites and cell phones and bridges and new energy sources being designed by English majors. I write that AS an English majort.

  3. You realize Einstein’s first language wasn’t English, right? Anyway, elogoquence is not a good predictor of intelligence, and as I wrote labove, there is more than one sort of intelligence anyway.

  4. You need some pie.

i think one can argue that Social Sciences/Humanities types on average have greater critical thinking skills than STEM guys

Why do we have to compare them? Why can’t they both be really smart? And if we have to compare them, then why not in a more rational way – Einstein was “smarter”, perhaps, in physics and related fields, and Malcolm X was “smarter”, perhaps, in sociology and related fields?

Malcolm was overall smarter than Einstein

I’m sure one could, and one could argue the other way. That doesn’t tell us the merits of these arguments.

and besides Einstein’s general relativity, coming up with that idea isn’t really impressive

anybody with basic high school level of physics could of came up with that theory…on the surface it doesn’t seem that complicated

Okay. Make your argument.

How do you measure intelligence? Why should I accept your opinion?

You’re just making unsupported opinion assertions. You’re offering little more than “Einstein = dumb”… that’s not going to convince anyone.

intelligence is how one interacts with the world and the people inside it

Einstein’s worldview was not that, his worldview was just the world and the mechanics of it

Malcolm X took time to understand people, understand society at large,

But who laid more pipe? That’s the true measure of a man.

The Hamster King asked a question. You didn’t answer it.

So do you have a video of Malcolm X speaking German? Does he stumble a lot? Does he speak German slowly? Does he speak German more slowly than Einstein spoke German?

Actually the way to judge a man is by how he wields an axe.

why would Malcolm X lower himself by speaking German, a European AKA Neanderthal language…

Yet most of the great minds before Einstein had failed to stumble across general relativity. A lot of science looks simplistic in hindsight.

You realize Malcolm X spoke English which descended from the same Indo-European language family as German.