Male Vs. Female anatomy

Perhaps someone’s asked already, but in the human body, which sex’s reproductive organ does more stimulation occur(most nerves)?

I believe it is the gland (tip) in males and the cliterous in women

Jesus Christ, I’m not THAT stupid. I am perfectly aware of location and name. I’ll rephrase it into two questions. Which is more sensative? and How many nerves are in it?

Thanks anyways though

Well I thought that being your 1st post and all. :wink:

so what you are asking is which is the single most sexually sensitive organ in humans. I think it would depend on the person but really have no idea.
I would think that you would have to compare an uncircumcised male to a women (also w/o and female circ.)

While I’m no expert on the subject, I have read and heard that both the penis and the clit have the same amount of nerve endings. However in the woman, they are much closer together so they are much more sensitive. As to how many nerves are there, I don’t know. Besides, I don’t think I could look at it long enough to count, assuming that were possible, without getting somewhat sidetracked. :D:D

Damn. I thought this was gonna be a boxing match.


In case you’re not aware, “female circumcision” involves cutting off all the sensitive bits… so I think you can throw that out from the start. :wink:

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