Nipple Question

I was wondering…after many viewings of pornos, Is squeezing a man’s nipples vs a women’s nipple the same sensation?

Er… are you male or female?
Speaking as a male myself, I find any kind of nipple tweaking uncomfortable. I had to tell my gf that what feels good to her doesn’t necessarily feel good to me…

Hmmm…well, speaking for my husband, he loves having it done. He seems to have a higher tolerance for tweaking than yours truly.

And it definitely tweaks his performance. YMMV.

Speaking as a male, I find nipple stimulation quite pleasurable. I have no idea what it feels like to a woman, but since the tissue is similar

Gah. Bumped tab key…As I was saying, since the tissues are very similar, I’d imagine that the feelings are similar.

Oh, and like SilkyThreat’s husband, I’ve found that it can positively affect my stamina. Sometimes considerably.

Varies. Some men don’t get off on it at all; some find it irritating; I know one man whose nipples are a hotter erogenous zone than his penis.

Ok boys…I have to know…

Do any of you feel as if your nipples are somehow “wired” directly to your dick?

I swear that I have this 3 foot long “V” shaped nerve which goes from nipple to clit to nipple, that will baffle scientists should my body ever be autopsied.

honeydewgrrl, not that you were asking, but that V-shaped nerve you swear exists is very real. Nipple stimulation in women is connected (via hormones) to muscle contractions in the uterus. Nipple stimulation in the latter months of pregnancy can even bring on labor.

The theory about this is that the suckling of a newborn infant is supposed to make the womb contract into its former shape.

So men, do you hav the same “nerve” beween nipple and crotch as women have, even it it does not serve the same purpose?

Thanks for the info, Maastricht.

From your cite:

“When you shower, it’s better to direct the water toward your back rather than toward your breasts.” [to avoid unwanted uterine cramping]

Pregnant women have entirely too many things to keep track of…

Oh my, yes! Mess with either one of my nipples, and not much happens. Play with both, and boing!


"Ok boys…I have to know…

Do any of you feel as if your nipples are somehow “wired” directly to your dick?"


(Whew! I thought I was the only one.)

I am a woman, and although I don’t dislike nipple stimulation, I don’t really find that it arouses me. And when I say stimulation, I don’t mean pinching! Good God, I don’t know who anyone could find that pleasurable!

My ex-SO, on the other hand, could not get off unless he or I was rubbing his titties. Severely limited the positions we could try.

I have to say that my nipples are far more responsive for me since I started hormone replacement. Not that that proves anything, but it is a datapoint in favor of female nipples being more responsive than male nipples.

[TMI] While nipple stimulation does feel very sexual to me, it can’t advance me towards orgasm, nor induce an orgasm, even if I’m very close. Thus, I wouldn’t really say that it feels like my nipples are “connected to my dick”. Nipple stimulation alone also won’t bring about an erection, except from a psychological context. YNippleMMV. [/TMI]

God, I love my nipples. I’ve thought about getting nipple rings before but don’t for fear it could destroy one of my primary erogenous zones.

Piercing seriously amplified the sensitivity and pleasure derived from my nipples.

I’m male and don’t like it. Find it irritating.

I’m with Skogcat on this – I cannot stand to have my nipples played with.
In the Clint Eastwood movie The Rookie there’s a scene where Eastwood is tied up and is alternately pleasured and tortured, first by having his nipples licked by his female captor, and the latter by being cut with a razor blade. I could take the razor blade, but after the nipple stimulation I’d do anything to be let free. Tell the the invasion plans, or betray my best friend. Worse than fingernails on a blackboard, or chewing aluminum foil with a mouthful of fillings. Ewwww!
Fortunately, Pepper Mill doesn’t feel the same way.

I don’t really like it either. My GF likes to play with them just to get my leg twitching (I think mine are too sensitive).

Her’s on the other hand are different :smiley:

I like it…orally is best (((((like everything)((((