Man builds a working Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

This guy’s car just makes me smile. My daughters had two Little Tikes Cozy Coupes when they were kids. Pretty cool seeing a working model. He got all the details right.

It’s funny, and it’s clever, but obviously it’s not identical. Looking at the photo of the LT original in the foreground and the big-size copy in the background, there’s a LOT that’s different.

He could have just bought a Smart Car.

It’s also not safe for running at speed. You can’t slice the top off a hardtop car and expect to have any structural integrity left.

But cute, so there is that.

He took a Euro Daewoo Matiz (Chevrolet Spark) that had a similar body style and modified the top. It’s not a perfect match but easily recognizable as a kid’s cozy coupe if you see it on the road.

This would be a great kit car. Remember those kit cars with the fiberglass bodies you could put on a VW chassis? With fiberglass you could get the design even closer to a cozy coupe.

this one is just as cute

There isn’t even any place to put your juice boxes!

Yes, a serious oversight, that.

Love it!

We had one of these when I was a kid. I was pushing my younger sister up our (very steep) driveway and lost my grip. It fell back, hit the ground, and she cracked her head open on the concrete! whoops…