My Mini Cooper is being built!

I’m so excited. He’s scheduled to be finished on 2/10, and then it’s just a matter of the wait to ship him over the pond. Whee!

Waiting is so hard! I’m so excited. This is the first new car I’ve ever bought.

Any other Mini owners out there? Waiting (or motoring) experiences to share?

So your mini is a he? What he like? I know exactly what I want mine to be like, if I only had the money to get one. :frowning:

British Racing Green with black top/mirrors. Chrome bumper inserts, sunroof, heated seats, etc. Pondering naming him “Cthulhu” but I don’t think he looks mean enough. :slight_smile:

I had one of the originals back in the 70s. One time I had gone to a country town to help friends who were playing in the “Hoadleys Battle of the Bands” (an amateur band competition that discovered some great bands in Australia). This was in the days when guys with long hair copped lots of grief and I had very long blonde hair. We went to the pub that night and seemed to convince the locals that even with the long hair we were OK. After we left the pub we set off to find a motel to stay at. We spotted a girl we had been talking to at the pub being harassed by some guys in a car. I waited up the road until she crossed at a pedestrian crossing and then zoomed up and picked her up. She sat on the lap of Super and we took her home.

While we were chatting to her outside her place, the car full of drunks pulled up behind us. We let the woman go and took off, being followed by the angry drunks. I drove round and round the town but couldn’t get rid of them. Eventually we drove into the town park and started playing chasings around the trees. The Mini was so superior in handling that I started toying with the car chasing us - I would let it catch up and then start dodging around trees at speeds they couldn’t match. Eventually they gave up and we were left alone.

We decided that if we booked a room at a motel the angry drunks may spot the car and find us, so decided to hit the highway back home. Since we were too scared to stop for fuel we ran out on the highway and 4 of us had to sleep in the car in Winter.

The car was written off when some idiot ploughed through me at a set of traffic lights. Even then the car had so much acceleration that I nearly avoided the accident and managed to not be killed by getting partly out of the line of fire.

Absolutely fantastic driving experience. I’d recommend finding an empty car park or some other area where you can just go and throw the car around - you won’t believe what they can do. The only complaint I have is that I developed some pretty poor driving habits because of what I could get away with.

I am very envious.

Long before the mini’s became trendy, I’ve wanted one. The only mini I can afford are the Matchbox and Hot Wheel’s ones. I have nearly all of the recent ones.

I love all the colors and every one I see, I want that one, until the next one.

Right now, I like the red ones with possibly the British flag atop. I would name it Nigel or Simon or some other WASPY name. :slight_smile: or Eeek

They have been my dream car for at least a decade. ( My other dream car is a Ford 350 crew cab)

Chluthulu would be a very cool name, maybe on a vanity plate :slight_smile:

BRG with a black roof? Damn, you almost got it right. :slight_smile:

The coolest Mini ever would of course be an original Cooper in BRG, with a Union Jack roof. You can just hear the Beatles play by looking at it (even at the model ;))!

The new Mini - I sort of have a love it, hate it thing going on with it. It’s a retro car like the New Beetle, and deserves at least some derision for that reason alone.

I fully believed that, until an aquaintance let me have a go in his gunmetal Cooper S. Sweet mother of God, what a little rocket! It’s not an orinal Mini, but BMW really succeeded in making it approach that small car feel the original had, despite it being a bigger car. Not as agile, but faster through corners, the new Mini is definitely one of the best handling hatches out there. I bet in pure lap times on a winding course, a Cooper S with a half-decent driver can make a mockery out of more powerful RWD cars in the M3 vein.

I still think it’s a bit of a poseur’s car, and that’s sort of reinformed by the male drivers I see in it. For girl’s, it’s obviously just another cute car - they don’t care about 40 years of British engineering heritage. :slight_smile:

Have fun in your new Mini, they’re bags of fun to drive.

How much was it?

I’ve wanted a Mini since I saw them around London in 1982. One of these days I might just get an original one. I like what I’ve seen about the BMW version, but I’d still rather have an original one.

In other news, I called the body guy about my MGB. He said he should be done with it in about six weeks. Of course, he said it would take him six weeks when I dropped the car off to him last April; and he said he’d be done in six weeks when I asked about it last September. :rolleyes:

I have a sunroof, and I didn’t know how that would muck with roof decals - either not letting the sun in, or coming off or looking silly with the big sunroof seams. I did think about it though!

I loaded up a regular Cooper (as opposed to the S) and got away for about $21,500. Given that they’re popular cars, there was no room for haggling. I plan on keeping it until the tires fall off, though, so I don’t feel bad about it. That includes all the tax, title, license, shipping, blah fees too.

Johnny - I hope you get your MGB soon!

There’s a Mini “Owner’s Lounge” that you get access to when you buy your Mini - it lets you track it through production and on the boat, etc. It makes it simultaneously better and worse because of the urge to keep hitting refresh!

You bet they are.

I just recently bought a Dark Silver (gunmetal) Cooper S. The thing is bloody (I can use that word, the car is british, er, sort of) awesome. It is the first car I have purchased for my self as well.

lovelee, you will have an absolute blast with this car. I’m sure you’re already quite aware but hit up MINI2 and NAM for some good Mini community action.

As an aside to Coldfire: Unfortunately for the purists, Mini’s BRG is actually metallic. So it isnt really the British Racing Green of your memories/dreams.

So many teenage memories of Mini’s back in the late 70’s; friend put her heels through the roof lining . . . another friend and I even tried a foursome in a forest in a rain storm with tasty twins once, that was crazy; we had to get out and get undressed in puddles . . .

They’re just so much fun, I think the new ones at least as much although, at the price, you tend to be more careful. Or maybe it’s getting old that does it . . .
British Racing green is a good choice but you do need those white stripes (as per Coldie’s photo). Ahhh, I feel like watching ‘The Italian Job’ all over again - and not that stupid remake, either.

That’s pretty close to truth. The new Mini drivers at the local autocrosses damn near eat the rest of the field alive … they’re nimble as hell (actually, even the originals are too)! I wanted one just for that reason, but just couldn’t overcome my addiction to VWs. Still love the Mini though. Congrats on your new baby, lovelee! :smiley:

Ooooohh, a Mini! :seeths with envy:

From what I’ve heard, the originals are even more maneuverable than the re-issue.

I believe that. A few years ago (before the re-issue), we had a driver or two in our local club who competed in original Minis, and they were VERY quick around the course.

Right now, there’s a driver in my class who runs a Cooper S … me and the other GTI driver simply cannot keep up and we’ve even got more horsepower (and about 300 more pounds :rolleyes: )! Hmm … now I want one before the season starts. I wonder if Mini of Nashville will trade even with me?

Bottom line: new or old Mini is guaranteed to be a hoot!

I’m in Germany in late April. Does anyone know if any Minis are available to rent from the airport in Frankfurt?



collinsc: not all old Minis in BRG are metallic. Observe! But you’re right that the union jack version tends to be in metallic paint. Bit of a shame.

London_Calling: I actually liked the remake of The Italian Job, as well as the original. :slight_smile:

peri: what kind of GTI’s? I’m guessing Volkswagens, right? Boy, are you 'Merrikens missing out. Peugeot stopped exporting to the US some ten years ago - they’re definitely ahead of Volkswagen these days in the Hot Hatch bracket. Whether it is the minimalistic 106 GTI (850 kilograms, 120 BHP) or the more sophisticated 306 GTI-6, they absolutely ROCK when it comes to making great handling FWD cars. Had a 306 myself, albeit is regular one. Unfortunately, Peugeot seems to have chosen a more conservative approach with the 307 successor. Mind you, it still drives rings around a Golf IV. The Golf V is supposed to be very well handling, but I haven’t had a chance to drive it yet.

Quasi: I’m sure if you check the big names (Hertz, Avis, what have you), one of them is bound to have the Mini in their program.

And just to show I’m not too single-minded, as long as we’re listing agile, compact, FWD cars:[ul][]Honda Civic Type R[]Citroen Xsara Coupé VTS (I have the more boring stationcar myself - same platform, different suspension)[]Ford Focus RS[]Renault Clio Sport 2.0[]Lancia Delta HPE[]Peugeot 205 GTI (King of them all, France’s answer to the Golf I GTI, and a lot better IMHO - production ceased in 1994, but decent ones can still be found)[/ul]It’s a bit Euro-centric I’m afraid, but there you go. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, ye olde ‘No-go Peugeot’- very decent run-arounds these days.


But I know what you mean, it’s a boys story, sometimes doesn’t matter if its good or bad, just as long as it is !

Yup, Coldfire, I mean Volkswagens. You all get the coolest cars there in Yurp, but I still love my VW. We did actually get the 337 (and the 'Merkin 20th Anniversary Edition GTI - what I have) and the R32 (finally!). Something about the Golf V styling just hasn’t set with me yet, but if it’s as good handling as I hear, I may trade up in the future. Or buy a Mini. :smiley:

Incidentally, many, many years ago, the dealership my dad worked for sold Peugot and Renault alongside Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, and even a few Panteras (I have the old parts catalogs for those).