Man dies trying to take a selfie on a railway track.

What can you say?

Darwin Award finalist?

Another victim of the selfie disease?

Trains 1 People 0?
My work here is done…

Candidate for the Darwin Awards competition.

Ummm, “Watch out!” ???

At least the railroad shouldn’t get the blame this time.

What I can say is “Eww!” (reading the linked story about how selfies are increasing the incidence of head lice in America.

*"A group of US paediatricians has warned that taking selfies have increased the number of head lice cases among teenagers, reports The Independent.

According to the group, there is a growing trend of “social media lice” that causes lice to spread when teenagers join their heads together to take a selfie."*

Selfies, death, clickbait and an excuse for us posters to feel superior. A perfect story and a perfect thread.

Mmmm. “Perfect”, eh? I don’t know whether to celebrate.

But if we do celebrate, we should include in the celebration the observation that whatever selfie he may have snapped didn’t make it into the web story about it. At least that would have been something…

Are we sure it wasn’t a suicide?

According to the TV news, CCTV seems to suggest; not a suicide.

That poor engineer.

Personally, I blame the engineer. Why didn’t he drive around him?

Toot toot! Peanut butter.

I’ve always appreciated comical injuries, but the ones resulting in death get harder for me to chuckle at as I get older. The guy presumably has a family that’s going to miss him.

O long Johnson!

Ding ding ding went the trolley
Bell bell bell went the bell

I specifically said no geeks

Punches Drunky Smurf in the gut

Why is the “Guard”:

  1. Even there?
  2. Armed with a friggin’ ‘assault gun’-type weapon?

Pakistan’s trains need to be guarded against the riders? Are the riders so determined to board that lethal force is needed to restrain them?

Never mind. Ninja’d.