"Train Girl"

There’s a video clip I download a few months ago of a girl/young woman getting hit by a train at a pedestrian crossing. (I think she mistakenly thinks a nearby parked train is the one whistling, then gets clipped by another that comes from the other side of the parked one.) What little is caught after she gets hit doesn’t look good; it’s blurry, but there’s definately lots of blood.

Does anyone know the full story behind this incident? For reference, the train engine is colored green and white, and the logo looks like two monkey wrenches face to face that form the letter “N”.

I saw the same video the other day, but dont have it anymore. Very sick stuff. I not sure why but I was under the impression that the clip was from germany?? They should show this clip on tv around here. We (louisiana) have the highest rate train related fatalities in the nation. People getting splatted everywhere. train+car=you die


I just noticed you said “video clip download.”

The dvd was also blurry. I think the woman was accelerated toward the camera so fast the auto focus couldn’t keep up.
the dvd was “banned from tv”

That may be but I think the stupid award has to go to the guy (somewhere around Chicago I think) who tried to see how close he could get his head to a train before being hit. Needless to say he found out the hard way (although I think he survived).

I’m looking for the news story on this. This has to qualify for a Darwin Award…

I found a railroad site that displays and IDs many railroad logos. Unfortunately, the one on the culprit train is shown but not IDed. But it’s definately an American line.


Thinking that the two “monkey wrenches” looked like a stylized letter “B”, I looked for railroads that had the initials BN. Sure enough, Burlington Northern was the engine’s owner. Maybe from that I can find more.

I’ve seen this clip before, and it’s definitely Burlington Northern commuter trains on the BN (now BNSF since it merged with the Santa Fe) commuter line between Chicago and Aurora. This is a three-track line with lots of grade crossings, and incidents like the one in the clip tend to happen once a week or even more often. Because it has a lot of freight, Amtrak, and commuter trains, the BNSF suburban line is frequented by railfans with photo cameras and videocameras.

I say this because some people think the clip is staged, ala the “Pizza Man” public service announcement, on the grounds that it’s too unlikely to be coincidence that someone would be filming when an accident like that occurs. Hardly. Knowing that line, it’s totally feasible that someone would have been videotaping trains at rush-hour when someone hurrying to catch their train would be hit by an express on the center track.

I saw the “Pizza Man” clip too, from the same web site. (This guy had weird tastes.) You could tell that one was staged by going frame-by-frame. The man is still standing when the front of the car is 1 meter past him. But at full speed, it’s pretty convincing.

What’s weirder still was that there was another pedestrian in the video, but he noticed the train and stopped. But the train passed pretty @!#?@! close to him too. Matter of fact, it kinda looks like he obstructed the view of the coming train from the girl. So, since he kept walking until the last moment, she probably thought she was OK to keep crossing.

I’ll see what I can find with your info. Thanx.