Man does 60 days on a deodorant rap.

When you think about it, he got off easy. With this level of absolute incompetence, he easily could have been charged with a federal terrorism crime for having Anthrax in his car.

As it is, it was about as far from cocaine as you can get.


OTOH, it’s ironic that the story was filed from Lake Crystal, Minnesota. :smiley:

Damn, and I thought this was about jailing people who use public transit without deodorant. Which I’d support wholeheartedly, and 60 days would be considered lenient, too.

(Seriously: Poor guy. Freakin’ gives me the shivers.)

Hmmm. The guy got a year in jail on the DUI charge, then the Judge suspended 9 months of it, and took another month off for “good behavior” so he let the guy go on a “time served” end result. Smells kinda fishy to me. A 1 year sentence on a DUI 1 seems pretty stiff. Even second offense DUI, with no injuries or property damage, doesn;t usually draw a 1 year sentence, at least in my part of the world. The article doesn;t mention whether it was his first dui or not…