Man found guilty of buggery in Wales

Sex cult leader faces life sentence

  • is buggery the same as sodomy?


No, it is not before answering questions on subjects you know nothing about coudl you at least read your own links?

The crime of buggery encompasses a great many sexual perversions, including “bestiality and necrophilia”, oral sex and digital penetration.

The article doesn’t make it particularly clear why they think he committed a crime. It says he’s charged with rape, but doesn’t seem to indicate any possible rape victims. It says that they thought he might have done something with a minor, except that he actually hadn’t.

So…what’d he do other than have sex with three women at the same time?

Or, as Charlie Sheen calls it, “winning!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

It says he’s been found guilty in court of 11 separate rapes; generally that’s good enough to get one jailed.
However, looking up his name I can see that this has caused some notoriety in Wales:

Colin Batley, 48, Elaine Batley, 47, Marling, 42, and Millar, 35 — all from Clos yr Onnen, Kidwelly — were arrested after Dyfed-Powys Police launched an investigation into a paedophile ring.
Detectives uncovered evidence of a bizarre, quasi-religious cult which involved the commission of sex acts, the wearing of robes, and the reading of passages from a text called The Book Of The Law.
Colin Batley was the “manipulative sexual predator” who led the group.
The guilty verdicts reflected offences against two boys and four girls, all of whom are now adults and whose identities are protected by press restrictions.

Batley had dedicated his life to satisfying his sexual urges by any means at his disposal, said the judge, and the age or sex of his victims was “largely a matter of indifference” to him.
He had treated youngsters as sexual playthings and used the occult to control and dominate them.
Judge Thomas, who condemned The Book Of The Law — by mystic and magician Aleister Crowley — as a “ludicrous document”, said Batley had used the text as a way of authorising his sexual crimes.
Elaine Batley had helped her husband fulfil his perversions, but Colin Batley’s mistress, Marling, had been his soulmate.*
He directed that all five defendants must be registered as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.
Colin Batley was sentenced for 11 offences of rape; six of buggery; three of indecent assault; and for other offences of causing prostitution for gain, indecency with a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and possessing indecent photographs of a child.

During the trial, the jury heard how one of the victims had had to have sex with Colin Batley as part of an elaborate occult initiation ceremony.
The 15-year-old schoolgirl was so convinced she would be murdered by shadowy cult assassins if she refused that she gave in.
During the ceremony she had to wear an upside-down crucifix around her neck.
Another victim, who was raped at the age of 11 by Batley, was told that sex with him was a test — and if she did not pass she would go to The Abyss (Hell).
Elaine Batley, Millar and Marling all had Egyptian-style tattoos, the court heard, and Millar, who worked as a prostitute, admitted that over a period of two years she had had sex with up to 3,000 people.

This is South Wales
Ok, children can be stupid to fall for threats, but it happens, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine people now falling for occult threats that might just have worked in 1920s’ cheap fiction, but if they do, imperfect human justice has the right to dispose of such abusers.

As far as I can tell, there is no actual crime of buggery. Sexual Offences Act 2003. There used to be, and once homosexual acts were legalised in 1967, buggery was confined to male rape and bestiality.

It’s never had as wide an application as the similar word sodomy.

Presumably that very short article was using casual shorthand rather than a legal term.

It doesn’t say that he was cleared of sex with a minor. It says he was cleared of a separate rape charge. The victims aren’t named, but that’s common, and it doesn’t say he had sex with 3 women at the same time either… Are you reading a different article?

Um, that would be the entire population of the town where this is supposed to have happened. :dubious:

That’s at least 4 a day. Fairly impressive if true.

Oh, they do have buses in Wales.

Ahah, I missed the second-to-last paragraph.

At least they were wearing robes.

Buggery as an offence pre-dates newer sexual offences legislation (brought in in 2003) which widened the definition of rape to cover what would’ve previously been charged as buggery.

However people being convicted of buggery in England Wales still isn’t that uncommon. Any Crown Court centre will deal with numerous Historic sexual offences cases every year and where the offence pre-dates the newer legislation then they will be charged with buggery.

The offence of buggery covers anal rape of both male and females.

It depends on the details. When they said he was committing buggery in Wales, were they talking about the country or the prince?

So if not for being born in the US, he would be presidential material?

If you’re mostly catching, it’s not unrealistic.

I thought I read that he was “guilty of buggering whales”.
I was preparing myself to be astounded by this man’s capabilities, and am feeling slightly let down now.
I know Costeau loved the sea, but that would have been something else.

Err…I ignored those because they were Wiki entries. When I looked at Princeton they said:

Then I looked at Webster to be sure and they said:

Now, you may be right but I did read my links and did look it up and Princeton and Websters (so did my due diligence), both of which I regard as better sources for word definitions than Wiki, explicitly defined buggery as sodomy and ONLY sodomy.

Not to mention you would be guilty of “buggery” if you sodomized someone.

So, buggery = sodomy.

Of course it’s a ludicrous document. Everyone knows that The Abyss is Chaotic Evil and Hell is Lawful Evil.


You would also be guilty of buggery if you stuck your finger up someones arse or performed oral sex on them.

In the context of the OP this is very important because it tells us that we can;t know what specific offences these people committed.

So, buggery =/= sodomy. Please stop presenting incorrect information in GQ.