Man, I Love This Place!

I’m picking up a new book from the library after work, recommended by Tommy The Cat in a thread started by Zoggie. I’m making dinner tonight with a recipe from a thread started by Zenster. I have a great new CD by Beth Neilson Chapman because someone (I can’t recall who) enthusiastically recommended it.

I’m following a couple very thought-provoking threads in Great Debates, and I’ve cut a swath through the Pit, picking up some justified constructive criticism but emerging with my asbestos undies intact.

Sniff I love you guys! All of you!

C’mon, group hug!

So this is why the Mods refrain us from posting step-by-step how-to’s on doing at-home heart surgery! I get it now!

And I’m sure a medic will be along shortly to see about that “sniff” too.:slight_smile:

It’s truly amazing how this board creeps into the rest of life. I went to an industry cocktail party last night, the sort where you fill out a name tag on the way in, and caught myself at “b-e-a…”

I’m glad to hear that you no longer feel so put off by some of us weirdos at the SDMB.

That said, which recipe are you making?