Some Parting Thoughts from a Lurker

Despite my registration date, I have actually been around these parts for quite a while. (I think I remember the Freak Feely debacle as actual events unfolded).

For a number of reasons (nothing scandalous), I am no longer going to have access to lurking and just wanted to let ya’ll know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and how much I’ve learned here (the hi-jacked car seat thread actually got my ass out to PetSmart where I bought a travel crate for my dog; figured if a baby could go flying, so could four paws and a cute pink tongue).

I think this is a great community, and it’s really helped me through many, many boring hours on da job. ** Manda Jo **, btw, you just give damn good advice. Also love the fact that you never re-post to correct your typos. It’s just more “evidence” that you’re some fantastically brilliant psychologist somewhere who has decided to bless us with your wisdom during your hectic day…(In case that seems like a back-handed compliment, it’s meant to be completely sincere). On that note…

[RANT] One of my peeves is the amount of peops who post and then spend three subsequent posts letting us know they meant “and” not “ant” when that was pretty frickin’ obvious. If someone’s a complete tool, it’s pretty apparent from the content, regardless of whether or not they can spell. So, how about just wooing us with a coherent thought, try not to butcher the spelling all the time (or we will start thinkin’ you’re an idiot), and knock off the anal grammar police shit [/rant].

ANYHOO, there are obviously a ton of other posters who have contributed to my SDMB experience – thanks, thanks and more thanks.

Just in case you were wondering, my favorite threads of all time (nope, don’t know how to link 'em) are:

  1. Pretty much all the graphic TMI threads because it’s a, always wanted to know but never had the 'nads to ask kinda thing
  2. Cervaise’s Telemarketing Thread
  3. The Rosie Wolf/Small Potato train wreck
  4. Very vaguely creepy thread
  5. Too many of the great debate threads to even begin to cite (no pun intended) a fav.
    So, that’s that. Thanks & peace. Igloo

Well, so long then. Peep. :slight_smile:

Y’al come back, now, heah?

That’s Y’all, of courde.

( courde s/b course )

Actually, it’s ya’ll.

Aw, man, I thought it was going to be another one of those “Screw you guys, I’m going home” flame-outs. Instead, it’s virtually a love letter! Farewell, Igloo, we hardly knew ye!

Actually, it’s y’all. The apostrophe replaces the missing letters “o” and “u” in you all.

I had the same thought. Why’d you stick this in the pit, Igloo? Nice, friendly post.

It’s too bad that you won’t be able to get on anymore. I hope you can come back sometime.

Man, we’re losing it!

I hear all the hot lurkers are over at Salon now.

tomndebb, you owe me a new keyboard (Just a little more pet peeve humor)

Minty, I realize that the title could have been misleading and can definitely see how some would think I was taking my ball and bat and going home. I understand and apologize for this potential misunderstanding and would consider it an honor if someone would call me

A Fucking Asshat

Come on. For old time’s sake? One for the road? I can take it!

Would it be enough to accuse you of fucking an asshat?

Would it be enough to accuse you of fucking an asshat?

You think you rate being called “A Fucking Asshat”? What a donkey-felcher!

Hasta la vista, amigo.

Kamandi, with all due respect, that really puts the attention on the asshat that I’m (hypothetically) fucking. Y’all might start missing my asshat more than me, or wondering,

  • Just who is this Asshat, anyway?*

In short, I would like my SDMB 15 minutes to be about me and only me.

It seems you would have been a fine addition to the boards, Igloo. I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to know you better. If you ever find yourself in a position to do so, please stop by again.

Ah, that’s really sweet. A pleasant suprise seeing as this was in the pit! Good-bye :slight_smile:

(Right, this timed out three times when I tried to post it a couple of hours ago. Let’s give it another go, shall we? Cue drum roll…)

Got… something… in… my… eye…

C’mon back soon, now, you fucking asshat.

I know - I was just making a small, somewhat incogruous board in-joke in honor of the OP’s nostalgia-fest.