Some Parting Thoughts from a Lurker

Igloo is a fucking icehat (albeit a seemingly nice one).
Tall eskimo

Actually, it’s Y’all.

Beginning of sentance, ya know.

Oh, sure. 5 more people, including a mod, show up to your goodbye than mine
and you have the gall to make a special request of them?
Man, you’re A Fucking Asshat.
Don’t forget to hang up your SSLC™ when you leave.

And here I thought Igloo was a Fargin’ Icehole. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, and such a good sense of humor, too.

I’m honored to have made Igloo’s Top Five.

Have lots of fun out there in the real world, you aromatic monkeywipe. :wink:

wow, i avoided this thread because I didn’t want to see a(nother) “everybody here sucks!” pit thread from some random idot.


Sorry to see you go, and wish you could have hung around longer (and spoken up more, what are you, afraid of us?)

Wow. THere simply aren’t words for how complemented I feel, Igloo. And to think I almost didn’t open this thread for the same reason as Medea’s Child.

I am going to remember this thread the next time somebody goes off on the “Why bother to argue? No one ever changes their mind!” rant. I’ve always said we do it for the lurkers.

Actually, it’s none of the three, 'cause you’re only talking to one guy. There’s no “all” there, there’s just him.

Or possibly her.

Either way, you come back and see us sometime, Igloo. And don’t lurk so much, neither.

And I am still here, as I was not hot enough to stay a lurker or be at Salon.

I always thought that was why we turned the web cam on.

that and the 19.95 a month membership fees that roll in :wink:
All joking aside.
Igloo I hope your not going to be gone for to long a time, remember the internet is everywhere, libraries, friends homes, even in cafes in the deepest darkest Russia.

Do they have internet in jail? your not going to jail are you?

Hope your time away is short and full of entertainment and joy, which you will share with us upon your return.

By the way Asshat, You could have posted more. From the OP I would have bet dollars to doughnuts you would have been a valuable poster.

Man. All this in-joke crud and nobody corrected the spelling of his username?

Bye, Iglu. Stay chilly.

Are you a secret agent of something? Going into deep cover where there are no computers? Crap, I don’t even know where there is such a place. Well, good luck. Come back, I’m not buying your lame excuses. Internet cafes, libraries, laptops, college computer labs, dammit.

Aw, crap. Jeebus cripes, this is what I meant to post. I think.

Why you, you, Canadian you! You know, now that you’ve moved south of the border, there are certain changes you’re going to have to make, Ginger. I’ve already said too much…

Speaking for what is apparently an overwhelming majority, Igloo, come back soon! We need your kind here! :slight_smile:

Well, I suppose it’s just fulfilling Igloo’s rant that I correct myself. “Ginger” should be bolded, not italicized.

[sub]Well, plus the whole three-posts-in-a-row thing…[/sub]

Hey, not all of us can come by our post counts honestly! :wink:

And the purpose of this thread is???


God go with you, Igloo.

Well, according to my big book o’ southern grammer y’all is acceptible to use when referring to one person or many people.

** Igloo** I didn’t realise that you had so few posts, I guess because each one I saw from you was memorable. So y’all come back now, ya’hear?

You all are just such damn nice asshats. Really.

I would like to devote an entirely separate line to saying goodbye to Plavacek, who was positively robbed at his exit :wink:

I am definitely not a secret agent (I hate martinis), and I’m not going to the clink (I’d look simply awful in those orange jumpsuits).

Seriously, thank you so much for giving such a nice farewell to someone you didn’t know. Especially sweet since this board and the posters meant a lot to me :slight_smile:

The tragedy is all the threads you are going to miss out on. For example, in Great Debates they’re this close to coming to a general consensus on the creationism v. evolution controversy. In fact, I predict that in a year or two they will have completely run out of Great Debates disputes.