Man, I'm a lot pickier about the music I like than I thought

I decided to order an MP3 player (Creative Labs Zen Nomad 30Gb) this weekend. The player supports both WMA and MP3 formats. I decided to use the WMA format since WMP10 can download CD info from the web. With a handful of exceptions and errors, this took very little time.

So, over the last 3-4 days I’ve been ripping my CDs. I went disc by disc and chose my favorite songs off each one.

I didn’t keep a running count because I wanted to wait until I had ripped them all. I finished today and out of 650+ CDs (which includes about 50 CD singles), I only ended up with about 1900 songs! Total space? less than 6.5Gb!!

I still need to go through my music on other formats (vinyl, cassettes, etc.), but I don’t think it will amount to much more. I could conceivably rip every single song and still not fill up the player!

I have tried to expand my musical horizons over the years, but apparently not as much as I thought.