Man in gorgeous brocade dress and darling hat says homosexuality should be banned

o/~ Homophobes, homophobes, homophobes in robes… o/~

Sweetie, that’s an awfully fabulous outfit to be denouncing gay people in, especially for a member of a male-only institution who’s never supposed to sleep with women.

Remember the other year when that other fellow in a dress in Ottawa said that he’d excommunicate the prime minister for letting us get married? Remember how he got laughed off the stage?

So, rather than believing anyone is interested what you think about matters of state, why don’t you put on your little-naked-guy necklace and go back to your guilt & gilt like a good’un. Or I’ll get k.d. lang to go home and yell at you, and honey, you don’t want that.

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<hand up in back>Does that include priests molesting children?</hand up in back>

I seem to remember something about motes, beams and eyes, in a book these homophobes in robes (band name?) are supposed to be interested in.

Speaking of evil (variety) acts?

I can’t see his fabulous outfit. :frowning: Does he have a groovy hat like the pope?
Hey! Does he drive a pope-mobile? <aside> I’d love to have a pope-mobile. Not a white one, though. In what colors do they come, do you know? </aside>

He’s just afraid that if homosexuality isn’t banned, then they’ll let anyone be gay, including the ones who don’t know how to dress properly! Can you imagine the horror of seeing hordes of gay men walking around in flannel? (All right, calm down guys, you know what I mean.)


Knew a guy, some years back, who was a Tullulah Bankhead enthusiast. He relates the story of Tulullah attending a High Mass, with an archbishop in full battle array, leading the squad down the aisle and swinging a burning censer.

“Darling, the dress is simply divine, but your purse is on fire.”


Damn straight (to coin a phrase). I think about all those poor relatives and friends I’ve known who were all set to raise big families but suddenly decided to be gay instead.

Oh wait, I’ve never actually known anyone like that. Never mind.

Why do people get away with saying that “homosexuality…undermine[s] the foundations of the family, the basis of society” constantly, without ever having to say 1) WTF they mean by that and 2) what their evidence and/or logic is? (And porn too, while we’re at it.)

I mean this seriously. If I said that capitalism, feminism, zoos, refrigerators, automobiles, or high fructose corn syrup “undermine the foundations of the family, the basis of society”, surely someone would ask me why?

I guess the only conclusion I can make is that it’s the clothes. matt, you may be on to something here.

Maybe there can be some sort of license, like they have for driving a car, or operating a ham radio. I hope the test isn’t too hard, I still can’t dance and my fashion sense is nonexistent (shrug). Oh well, maybe I could get “grandfathered” in.

I would be somewhat more impressed with the Bishop’s comments if it weren’t for the fact that he is speaking as an authority in an organization known for arranging and perpetrating the ass-fucking of young children.

From this week’s SNL…

Bleah, stupid format mistake I didn’t notice. What I meant to post, of course, is:

Some guys like their men in flannel, TYVM.

One thing I learned, growing up in Calgary in a Catholic family very involved in the diocese (I even worked there for awhile) is that you don’t listen to the bishops. One of the previous bishops was referred to as “the cherry-picker”, for his penchant for youngish girls. Goes real far to foster your faith, it does.

Well, yeah, but how many of them dress as spiffy as the bishop?

Great, now if some guy sucks a dick w/o being a licensed, registered homosexual he’ll have to pay a fine to the County Board of Buggery. That’s gonna cut down on liquor sales for sure… :smiley:

And yes, absolutely, if the “high” churches were to be cool with gays, the whole fabulous get-up and ritual and décor would really be an important recruiting tool… and those icons of St. Sebastian naked and bound and pierced, oh…(*)

(*Off topic, it reminds me of Carson Kressley of Queer Eye who, looking at a Marine dress blue uniform quipped “What do you mean there are no gays in the military? Someone had to design THIS!”)

Apart from the obvious stupidity of his statements, the bishop needs to sort out “family” and “society”.

Because it appears as if the “family” he describes is nuclear, and there are many happily functioniong societies which aren’t based on the nuclear family. Extended families have formed the basis of most societies, not everyone has to be married with 2.4 kids to be a valued member of a family, not every society has to be made up of nuclear families.

Ironic, isn’t it, that they don’t marry and procreate? Which undermines the foundations of the family and the basis of society?

Oh, but they get special dispensation from “you know who.” God always liked them better!

I envision a bumper sticker campaign…

“If homosexuals are outlawed only outlaws will have homosexuals”
“You can have my homosexual when you pry him from my cold dead faingers”
“How’s my homosexual? Call 1 800 BIG HOMO”

Thank Christ we don’t live in a theocracy (and that’s coming from an atheist). Imagine the days when a priest could not only denounce you, but have you locked up. (And that wasn’t so long ago in Ireland. Actually, I think the UK still has a law on the books against blasphemy. Personally, I think committing blasphemy is a god-given right.)

I’m grateful that religious “authorities” are only authorities within their own church. You can tell your bishop to piss up a rope, and the very worst he can do to you is not let you be in his church anymore.

(Please note, though, that Catholic vestments aren’t actually female dress; they’re just holdovers from medieval vestments, with Byzantine influences. There used to be quite a few male garments that look like “dresses” to the modern eye.)