Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story

I was looking out for a thread about this. Didn’t see one, so I will start one myself!

Has anyone else seen this? VH1 has been playing it quite often these last 3 days and nights. I must admit I was drawn to watch it due to some strange curiosity. I am not completely sure how I feel about this movie. I feel horrible sorry for Michael, but at the same time I feel disgusted. I think I have drawn the conclusion that he is troubled because his entire family is completely one fry short of a happy meal.

So, what say you Straight Dope on this crazy story of a man who refuses to grow up?

I believe there’s a thread around here somewhere in which someone put forth the theory that Micheal was so traumitized by his father that he’s trying to be the exact opposite. It’s only a matter of time.

What really rubbed me the wrong way about this movie is how Flex Alexander (Michael) looked nothing like the real Michael Jackson. I mean I know it’s hard to figure out what Michael Jackson REALLY looks like, but they didn’t even come close to the plastic one we recognize now. Also, he seemed to go from pasty white to ashy black at various points of the movie. I am sure there are plenty of Michael Jackson impersonators out there that they could have found.

Also, I actually enjoyed the other VH1 movie about the Jackson Family. They were more believable (The American Dream I believe). I felt like the other characters in this movie looked nothing like the real people. At least in the American Dream they came pretty close.

Oh, Jesus, that’s funny!

I thought it was really bad. I laughed at some parts.
The end was really cheesy, with the children looking up at him.

Also, the part where he’s watching the movie and suddenly tells everyone to shut it off. It was so badly acted I laughed.

Oh, also the part after he holds his kid over the ledge and goes inside. His family just gives him accusatory stares and he defends himself.

How do the people even know what happened? They saw him from the back, and I bet the young children didn’t even know what was going on.

It looked too much like a trainwreck for me to sit through it. But I saw enough to know it’s a pathetic attempt to garner public sympathy. Disgusting that VH1 would make an apologetic movie about him. He really is NOT childlike in private, according to people who know him. It’s a freaky creepy act.

Word on TWoP is that they’re going to re-cap it for their site. I’ll be waiting for that, but I feel kind of bad that someone will have to sit through it and dissect it. It should be good for a laugh, though. And a few full body shudders.

I don’t feel sorry for him. If he is clever enough to have succeeded this long in his devious ways, he is smart enough to know he needs help. Having a bad childhood is not a valid excuse this late in the game.