Man jailed 7 years for killing walruses, goo goo ga joob

CNN story
I don’t know what’s worse: this bastard who killed the poor creatures or the scum-sucking bowel maggots who buy the products.

That’s pretty shitty.

Can the subsistance hunters still sell the tusks or hides?

I’ve always thought that selling stuff like gall bladders from legally taken black bears for example might actually cut down on poaching done for these types of specific items. I’m sure that with the profit motive, one might have to decrease the number of licenses of given.

Well here’s another clue for you all. The scum-sucking bowel maggot was Paul

I believe the proper spelling is “coo coo ca choo”

At least, that’s what it looked like in my mind.

Nope, it’s “goo goo gajoob,” and Lennon was big into James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake when he was writing it. It’s an altered version of a bit of divine nonsense from this passage:

Meself, I’ve always wondered what John made of this bit:

Or this:


And people who kill walruses are dicks.

You hear that in “Mrs. Robinson”.