Man Left Granddaughter, 5, in Desert With Loaded Gun

[URL=“Arizona Man Ditched Granddaughter, 5, in Desert With Loaded Gun”]
The question begs to be asked ‘Would grandpa have left her if he didn’t have a gun to leave with her? I’m convinced he would have , with instructions to hide and be really quite if any bad guys showed up . The fact that after he got where he had access to a phone , he had "a cheeseburger and a handful of drinks " before calling his wife and demanding she come get him .
The gun being added into the mix of his abandoning the girl makes an already F**KED UP situation worse .
Before I read this story , if someone had ask me ’ could something like leaving a 5 year old in the desert be made worse ?’
I would have answered with conviction ’ that it would be humanly impossible to do’.

Damn ,I sure would have been wrong!

A link would be nice.

More details here.

America’s deserts are probably full of robbers, rapists, thugs playing loud music, and fear-instilling persons. If a 7-year old boy is encountered, he’s likely to be armed – it would be sexist and ageist to suggest a 4-year old girl should be left defenseless. (Unlikely, but the girl might even feel called upon to do her duty to defend America from foreign aggressors or domestic Leninists.) The right granted in the Second Amendment has no age or sex limits but is granted to “the people” without qualification.

Her uncle, or whoever he was, is to be commended: he set her up with “one round in the chamber and the hammer locked back” … and mentioned her to someone, eventually leading to her rescue.

Yet wouldn’t you know it? The libtards show up, making the uncle look the villain, and suggesting the young woman should have been denied her Second Amendment rights. :smack: :eek:

I guess 5-year-olds can’t profile well enough.

Grandfather of the year! I’d never let my daughter near him again. He had a cheeseburger first before notifying anyone! And just how many bad guys are there, lurking in the desert, waiting to pick up a 5 YO girl? Even the pedos are smart and hang around in CITIES.

ETA: And four beers! Motherfuck!

If she’d have accidentally killed herself, he’d likely have blamed her for it.

Man, if this guy was in my family - really anywhere in the tree - I would completely disown his sorry ass.

As far as I can make out, he had nothing at all to do with her rescue. I have the impression she was reported missing before he mentioned it to anyone, and she was found without his help.

From one of the links above:

It sounds like Rater didn’t call his wife until several hours after the girl was reported missing.

septimus, I do worry that one of these days your tongue is going to poke all the way through your cheek…

As for “grandpappy”, he could use a good smack…I wonder if Mike Tyson is doing anything…:cool::eek:

Presumably if she was reported missing before he told anyone she wasn’t with him, he wasn’t supposed to have her in the first place.

You know what’s truly amazing - that Sheriff Joe is not the worst person in the story!

I’m not sure I can handle that…

He’ll probably shoot the kid in the face once he figures out she’s half-Mexican.

Okay, this just broke my heart:

Throw him in the deepest part of the jail and throw away the key.

Here’s a TV report.

Evidently the family knew they were together and reported them both missing when they didn’t show up after four hours.

(Other reports give his age as 53. Either way, he wasn’t so ancient that he couldn’t have tried to carry her if she couldn’t walk any farther.)

He may have had a weak or missing spine.

I saw this movie! It was called Hanna, except it was in the Arctic, not the desert.

Good work, Gramps! You can’t have an adolescent assassin if you don’t start 'em early.

I blame Obama.

If I didn’t hear about this before I’d assume that this was Florida. But because I heard it was in the desert, I now safely assumed that it was Florida West, Arizona.

This. Clearly Obama has failed, as usual, in his “Give Everyone a Free Obama Phone” program. If Grampy had gotten his GEFOP phone he could have called for help instead of leaving the little child. BTW, I still haven’t gotten my GEFOP phone either. Thanks Obama!

^^^ That ^^^

Now I have this song stuck in my head, with slightly different lyrics.

"Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Obamaphone…