Man of Steel movie and Malaysian F370 conncection.

Man of Steel (2013) shows the exact spot where F370 supposedly crashed. Coincidence ?

A lot more symbolism here:

Works for me!

Well, I know that if I were planning on hijacking a plane for some vague nefarious purpose, I couldn’t even begin to proceed until I had planted the coordinates where it was going to “crash” (because, of course, I’d know that ahead of time) in the background of a Hollywood movie a year or two before the planned hijacking.

I mean, it’s just basic common sense!

Illuminati. Because their weather-control devices need to be calibrated to Hollywood standards every few years.

Have you noticed that with all the talk about the flight, the movie being shown inflight hasn’t been mentioned?

“The exact spot” being “the Indian Ocean”?


Also, you seem to be defining “the exact spot” as several search boxes of several thousand square miles.

Also also, no actual evidence that the plane crashed in any of those areas has been foaund so far.

I can’t believe you are all overlooking the sinister implications of this. Clearly, General Zod has either captured or destroyed flight 370.

I just remembered that I’ve seen karol’s name before in some of our wackier conspiracy theory threads.

There is some basis for the claim. The Malaysian authorities keep revising the last known transmission. Firs it was “all right, goodnight,” then it was “goodnight Malaysian three seven zero.”

Today it’s expected to be announced that the actual last words were “North Miss Teschmacher, NORTH!”

Karol, why are you wasting your time telling us? Please contact the Malaysian authorities immediately. They need to know the truth.

God speed, sir. Up, up and away!

Insert joke about the island from Lost here…