Man sentenced for marrying his cousin. Jerry Lee Lewis interviews Jacko. Film at 11

Say it ain’t so, Joe!.

Yep. Ah-pparently these things still happen.

Man, how the hell can you support that many kids?

Oy vey.

Oe of the Saudis in my office just left for his honeymoon with his fifteen-year-old cousin bride.

Reads about 8.6 on my kinky-meter.

More coffee for your friendly neighbourhood mod.

I thought that thread title read “Man sentenced to marrying his cousin”. :eek:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) – A member of Utah’s polygamous Kingston clan was sentenced Monday to a year in prison for taking a 15-year-old cousin – who was also his aunt – as his wife.
He married his Aunt as his fourth wife, who is his 15 year old cousin ? Okay, let me think about that . . . nope, there’s kicking yerself in the head and there’s kicking yerself in the head. This is the latter.

He deserves prison, a padded room and a medal, all in equal proportion. Then a little peace and quiet.

You aren’t kidding!


Apparently, his aunts and cousins are desirable for their milk production?