Man shot by Armed Police on Tube

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I really hope this turns out to be a justified homicide.

Best case - this is the Oval bomber from yesterday

Bad - this was a new bomber about to set off a bomb

Equally bad - this was a scared kid running from the police for an unrelated reason

This is now on the BBC, about 45 minutes after the events themselves. An eyewitness reports police tackled a guy wearing a winter coat got him on the floor and put five bullets into him while he was down.

Now it is reported armed police have surrounded a Mosque in London.

I sure am glad I live in a safe place.

The mosque is un-surrounded now. Much it seems to an exciting morning in London.

The Mosque was surrounded because of a bomb threat - probably retaliation for the Tube bombs.

Wouldn’t like to be an Asian in London right now - imagine running to catch a train you’re late for :eek:

Scary stuff.

I thought UK police didn’t carry guns?

Normally the police that ‘walk the beat’ wouldn’t carry guns, but these were armed officiers.

In Ireland they don’t carry guns either but each car usually has a hand-gun and a shotgun (at least they did when I lived there in the 90’s).

The reports are that these were plain-clothes police, so they probably had somebody under surveillance, were lying in wait, etc.

I would like to point out that no one has ever been shot by unarmed police. Carry on.

On a side note, provided this guy was intending to commit a terrorist act, would it be wrong for me to feel a certain sense of glee?

Looks like he wasn’t a terrorist - just a scared asian running away from gun-wielding police :frowning:

Winter coat? Running to the train? A report I heard this am (sorry no cite) said he had a backpack and jumped the turnstyle. Things are good if the terrorists can’t afford train fare.

But then again, first reports from the field are almost always wrong.

Then I shall curb my enthusiasm until we know for sure

Where did you get that from?
Latest I’ve seen is

Where did you hear that? I hate to say it, but if that was the case, it is sad, but what the hell was he thinking? Hell, I wouldn’t even spit in the tube station this week.

I have a bad feeling about this…

I hope it was justified, but, boy is it easy to think of some guy hurrying along with his new iPod blaring in his ears, not hearing the police shouting “Freeze!”, turning around to 9 armed PLAINCLOTHES officers and panicking, hitting the floor and reaching into his jacket to turn off the iPod and getting shot in the head 5 times.

Can’t really blame either side, tell the truth…IMHO, if that guy was innocent, he was the 57th victim of last week’s bombs. The terrorists are to blame.


Did you see those CCTV photos?

"My wedding pictures did not turn out so well.’ (Chevy Chase)

This report says that they had been trailing the guy from his home.

Despite temperatures of around 22C (72F), officers and witnesses said the man was wearing a heavy coat under which it was feared may have been a bomb. They haven’t found a bomb, but in light of today’s explosions, it certainly is at least suspicious.

Yeah, I am hoping…but…

Marksmen? The one main witness interviewed said he was shot at point blank 5 times.

And, they were trailing him…A guy in a thick jacket suspected of yesterday’s attacks…Why the F*$! did they even let him step foot in the tube station? Shouldn’t he have been stopped before he entered?

I am listening to the BBC tv coverage right now. Again, I am hoping, but…some of the ‘facts’ are not adding up properly right now- it is still early.


This is more a reference to their profession rather than the distance from which they operated.