Man shuns bath for 18 years

Can you beat this guy’s record?

That line made me giggle for some reason.

I love articles like these. They’re fun to send to relatives with the caption, “hey, you made the paper today!”

Finally I have someone new to look up to. I have, for a long time, been a great admirer of that guy who’s been collecting his navel lint for 20 years, but this guy is just plain awesome. Now I can use my carpentry skills to build a new shrine…

Even if there was a record, who’d want to ever beat it? Too, too much …

So they’ve found Foul Ol’ Ron, then.

When a chimney sweep calls you an “incredibly filthy man”, you know you’re getting somewhere.

"After spending a night in a police cell, Mario was placed in a hospital for medical observation. "

As a nurse, I would just like to say that I’m sending my most heartfelt sympathies to the poor, suffering krankensisters in that hospital. Ew.

So how many baths would that take to clean him? I imagine it would take a couple. Can’t you see the poor intern who is assigned to sponge bathe him?

I don’t see how anyone can go so long without bathing. I feel dirty if I don’t shower every day.

One word: firehose.


In practical terms, is eighteen years without bathing any worse than, say, one year without bathing?

Seriously, at what point does someone become totally saturated with funk? I remember (all too well) a bus ride that ended when a homeless man paid his fare and made his way to the back of the bus. It was really amazing how many people suddenly realized that the next stop was theirs. Overpowering whiff of ammonia and uremic acid. If there was stale sweat or dirty ass in the mix, (which seems fairly certain) it was far too subtle to be detected underneath the dominating asphyxiants. I doubt that that guy had been on the skids for eighteen years, but I can’t imagine it getting any worse.

My question is, will bathing him do damage to him? I mean after 18 years isn’t it possilbe the layers of grime and yuck are what is holding him together? What if his skin just kind dissolves off with the dirt.


Not a problem.

How do you shower underwater?

[sub]Yes, I know that was really stupid[/sub]

Of course, to the German cannibal, this guy would have simply been the equivalent of Kobe beef; ripe, marinated, marbled and aged to perfection.

Sweet mother of God, that’s the scariest story I’ve read in MONTHS. :eek:

Thanks. I won’t sleep for days now, probably.