Man, some people are too easily disturbed

Are people really becoming this easy to disturb? A man in California has decorated his yard for Halloween and the Homeowners Association is upset about it?

You know, its not like he has put a giant statue of Satan in the yard on Christmas Eve. I’m just kind of suprised that anyone would even bother to be upset. The slideshow in the article didn’t look all that scary to me. Even as a kid I would have thought it was cool to decorate a yard like that.

When I saw “Homeowners’ Association is upset” I thought it would be something piddly and bureaucratic, like his fake spider webs are 1/4" too wide or his severed heads are less than 6 inches from the sidewalk.

If he actually had a statue of Satan, the HOA would probably take it as a compliment…
Sorry…my opinion of HOAs is very, very low, as you can tell.

I was considering making a pit thread about this when I read that article this morning. What utter, absolute, unbelievable pussies some people are. Unless the slideshow I saw skipped the truly heinous things, it was all stuff I could buy at the Wal-Mart next door.

Pretty much all HA’s suck. This will be a VERY popular house on the 31st.

His garden looks great. I wish he lived in my neighbourhood.

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Some people are total weenies. His stuff is not scary, it’s the usual.
My stuff is scary.

Agreed. They can take their fairy-princess-with-mayonaise-on-white-bread Halloween and shove it up their collective uptight, anal-retentive ass.

Yeah, I’d say that you could scare some little kiddies with that.


A tableaux showing HOA members at one of their obsessively controlling board meetings would make a fine Halloween decoration.
On second thought, too scary.

Fussy HOA-worthy nitpick: As with bijoux, manteaux and choux, tableaux is plural. If you’re writing in French. The English singular is tableau and the English plural is tableaus.

And as we get closer to Halloween we’re going to start seeing assholes protesting any Halloween display that has a person hanging, because the only possible interpretation of that is a racial lynching.

Like last year:

What the hell? You steal that from the set of John Carpenter’s The Thing?

What planet have these people been living on that gory, haunted house decorations are not a normal part of Halloween?

That is excellent. I’ve seen trauma cases come in DOA looking exactly like that!

Jes*s Chr#st!

You’re right.

That woke me up.

I’m calling your homeowners association! That scared me!

Just kidding. That looked pretty cool. :wink:

Well, I wouldn’t complain, but I wouldn’t be very happy about walking my dog in the late evening and having to pass by that house, or ::shudder:: Acid Lamp’s. And it could certainly be frightening for any small children in the neighborhood.

Another reason to keep the toddlers from roaming the streets at night.:wink:

As with the vast Christmas displays that some people put up, part of the irritation may be the increase in traffic from spectators.