Man steals, cleans, returns cars. Why does this never happen to me?

They say he needs psychiatric help. I was thinking he’d be the perfect cellmate for Martha.

I think my car might cure him of his obsession. There’s only so many bags of fast food trash and empty packs of cigarettes one can clean up before calling it quits.

New Movie:

“Monk In Sixty Seconds”

Or maybe “The Fast and the Spotless”

I remember reading a science fiction novel many years ago that mentioned – just as an aside – a group known as the Dada vandals – they’d steel your car, install a car stereo, and return it.

That one actually made me spit coffee all over my monitor. Thank you. :slight_smile:

If only he could start a trend of burglars who break into your house and clean it.

Who the heck turned him in?

I’m with Mrs Drysdale, can I send him my address?

I think he turned himself in.

Because he wanted to clean up his act, no doubt.

So much for his clean record…

He’ll never be the head of a major corporation… oh wait…

Are you saying we should quit while we’re… ahead?

Years ago in Sydney car thieves stole a BMW and when it was found abandoned one week later the only difference was that a really expensive car alarm had been fitted. Police speculated that the thieves had some reason to break into a BMW with the same rare type of alarm and had used this one to practice on.

Jail?! Obviously, the penalty should be for the government to fine him some ridiculous amount of money, invest that money and let it gain interest for a few years, then give it back to him, interest included.