Man steals family fortune in gold to buy MMO in-game items, claims robbery

Something tells me this guy needs to cut back on his gaming.

It would be kind of ironic if he ended up being used as an imprisoned gold farmer.

I’m kind of wondering if ‘on-line gaming’ in this context has less to do with mighty kings and spell tomes and more to do with royal flushes and bookies.

Oops, I forgot a link to the story.

He was apparently trying to get a set of “legendary” equipment for an MMO. In the more grindy MMOs those can be very, very difficult to get; to quote a poster on on another forum:

I’m more than a little disturbed that he spent the money trying to buy legendary equipment, assuming Kotaku is implying that despite spending almost a million bucks he didn’t succeed in getting it.

Jesus Fucking Christ!
What ever happened to hookers and blow?!
God-Damn kids these days have no idea how to lose a mil :mad:

Me, I’m kinda floored that anybody could have 38 kilos of gold bullion just sitting around the house. Don’t they have banks in China to [del]steal[/del]invest that kind of money ?

China is swimming in gold. It’s the only place in the world with the correct type of soil to farm it.

One of the android games I play, you can spend real money to buy ‘treasure chests’ which have game stuff in them. You have a CHANCE of getting some of the otherwise unavailable cool stuff. From what I can gather off the forums, it’s about a 1% chance of rare stuff, each buy. Usually you get more common stuff.
Which is why I’ve never bought one. But visiting other people’s game pages, I see people with several of the rare items. They must have spent hundreds, easily, to get them.

The Chinese like gold a lot, both the Chinese government and Chinese people buy a lot of gold. It’s one partial reason why the price of gold, while fluctuating, has remained so consistently high in the past few years. If not for the newly wealthy in Chinese buying so much of it, most likely its price now would be substantially lower.

They don’t trust the banks and they save enough to make ants feel like grasshoppers.