Man translates holy books into DNA and injects it into himself

This is insane.

He had no idea what kinds of proteins these new genes might make.

It’s not going to produce any proteins or persist in any quantity for more than a few hours or maybe a day before being degraded. The swelling the student experienced is primarily due to their injection technique, choice of buffer, and any contaminants. Bare DNA injected into the blood will not enter any cell nucleus and will not be transcribed, notwithstanding it’s extremely unlikely a valid enhancer and promoter sequence was present.

I’m not very knowledgeable about this but the text near the top of the article mentions an rAAV vector and a cyclic peptide. Wiki says that recombinant AAV is used to insert genes into mammalian cells.

I smell a SyFy movie in the making.

Yeah, made by The Asylum folks for authenticity.

Sharknado VS The Three-Headed Messiah At Lake Placid

^ …in 3D!

If he had translated, “Watership Down,” and injected it, could he have turned into a rabbit?

what a hare brained idea.

…and it begins.


It should be based on the original short story

“Written in Blood sounds, from the title, as though it should be a zombie gore-fest. But Lawson writes exclusively about characters with brains, and “Blood” is in actuality a prescient pre-9/11 story of anti-Muslim sentiment and prejudice in Australia, seen through the eyes of Zada, a Muslim girl whose father agrees to an experimental procedure of “bloodwriting”, coding the white blood cells of his body with a translation, in redundant DNA, of the text of the Qur’an. It’s one of the collection’s stronger stories.”

Super hero Sura Boy.

How scientific is a translation of a Holy Book into DNA?!

Thanks for linking to that – that was my immediate thought. And that was a terrific story.

I didn’t see any text at the top of the article, but found a tweet screenshot later down. The (very short) “article” the student submitted to OSF only describes injection of a viral vector (DNA, a plasmid), not a packaged virus. It does have a promoter, but without the viral package, it isn’t going into any cell. They injected a short peptide fragment into their other thigh.

Anyone else old enough to be a little amazed that the technology for mucking about with DNA is advanced and simple enough that a high school student was able to do this?

DNA synthesis has been around for a very long time and improvements in the synthesis process have made it routine for labs to order constructs to design instead of laboriously cloning and assembling from fragments themselves. What’s happening now is synthetic biology houses are now cheap enough for individuals to afford their services. I think these companies will soon be pressured to limit their customers to businesses and universities, in much the same way major chemical suppliers (Sigma, et al.) don’t take individual orders.

It’s really difficult, as you have to spell all the words with only four letters.

Genesis: “Tg ta caggatg tac ta cagt…”

It loses a lot in the translation

Isn’t Stewie Griffin a little old for high school? Was he held back a couple of grades or something?