Man vs. Food makes me hate food

Can you believe it? Something that actually makes me lose my appetite. This damn show manages to make some of my favorite things in the world look unappetizing. Who watches this crap … 5 million times a week?

I find the show diconcerting frequently. he heats stuff that leaves him with chemical burns … that isn’t food, that is chemical warfare. Ghost peppers?! :eek: and some of the massive quantity challenges are just amazingly dumb.

Although it is interesting seeing some of the places to eat that he goes to, like the sausage place in Minneapolis, or the place in Texas with the chicken fried steaks.

I think “Bizarre Foods” and Bourdain’s show are much better. And I don’t have enough time to watch any other food shows!

Yeah, I’d much rather watch Andrew Zimmern eat bugs. Whenever I happen upon Man Vs. Food I quickly change the channel. As far as dumpy funny-looking guys go, Zimmern has a lot more charisma.

Yeah, I like the food porn parts of MvF, but when he starts to stuff his greasy face with huge piles of crap, it makes me a little ill. Also, I want to stab him when he does the “M v F” hand gestures.

I can’t decide how I feel about that show. The food is fascinating in a train-wreck or “wow, 1/10th of that would be great!” kind of way, but the host is just awful. Half the time I watch it and wonder why? Why would you order that? You’d see customers in the background ordering frisbee-sized burgers for themselves (not to share) and it’s baffling.

I love food. I don’t get the concept of forcing it down your gut past the point at which you’re enjoying it. It’s a travesty.

I like it. I enjoy seeing the places he goes to, since they seem to have decent menus of normal-sized portions.

I like it because I kinda want to make sex to Adam.


I like the first 20 or so minutes of the show, where he’s talking about local joints that serve good food. That stuff always looks appetizing and I always get hungry watching it.

Once he starts on the challenge, though…no thanks. I want these people to actually ENJOY food, not kill themselves with it.

haha I agree :slight_smile: At first I thought he was kind of annoying but he really grows on you!

I have a crush on Adam too.


Some of the regular foods look really interesting, and many of the nonchallenge places seem to be pretty much normal places with some special local food item [or do a specific food really well]

I love Tony Bourdain … for exactly that reason. He looks for interesting local foods. Andrew Zimmer not so much, he will eat anything for the shock value, I believe …

I do watch the first part for the food tourism.

In his Columbus, Ohio, episode, he screwed up big time. He went to Schmidt’s in German Village, but didn’t stop in at Katzinger’s Delicatessen two blocks away! He even went to other delis, but not Katzinger’s. What the hell!

Me three. Or four.

I like the show, and the challenges often make me hungry, the spice challenges anyway, not so much when it’s just sheer quantity. The burger with the ghost peppers intrigued me. He must have some challenging experiences on the can.

I felt that way about the challenges the first episode or two I watched. Now my dislike for him is such that I enjoy watching him suffer :slight_smile:

Shit, Katzy’s doesn’t even have the best reubens in Columbus (although they do have the best egg salad sandwich). That honor goes to either Danny’s or Barry’s, depending on my mood.

Katzinger’s is the best deli. Period. I am deaf to any contrary statement.

The show is named “Man vs. Food.” You’re supposed to hate the food, and root for the man.